Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Vivere Azure can easily be a couples resort or a family getaway. For a single guy like me, however, it beckoned as a venue for a necessary reset from the recent commute hell that I experienced dabbling between full-time work and freelance gigs in congested Metro Manila. The seduction of a beachfront resort in not-so-distant Anilao lured my recovering body into a mid-week seclusion. After travelling for four hours aboard a bus, jeepney, and a tricycle, I was temporarily home -- at the sea-view receiving area of the resort with a glass of welcome citrus drink in hand. If I had a car, it would have taken me two hours less to reach the destination.

Bespoke Luxury

Like the rest of the resorts South of Manila that dot the meandering hillside of Mabini’s pastoral village, Vivere Azure looks out into the sea and is accessible via the National Road from Bauan. It’s only one of a handful of resorts on the Calumpang Peninsula that offers guests a remarkable view of the nearby Maricaban Island. What’s more, it stands out in the area for having the prestige of a 5-star luxury getaway, a stunning reflection of its sister hotel in Alabang (Vivere Hotel). Its stellar reputation exudes bespoke luxury and impeccable service, two vacation gems that lure the patrician out of every suburbanite.

(top) My booked Cobalt Room; (bottom left) Tomato Basil Soup

High-End and Natural

With full-board meals at the resort’s F&B facility, a lavish stay at its beachfront Cobalt Room, and access to its cliff-side infinity pool, I was definitely on restoration mode. It did not matter if I was on solo travel that day. A whiff of anything high-end and natural was something that stabilized my mood and set my grit for more.

Tasty Late Lunch

The pleasant weather during my stay allowed me a breathtaking open view of the sunset from the resort’s restaurant while I sipped a hot cup of brewed coffee and enjoyed a slice of Chocolate Float Dessert. I was truly feeling relaxed to end my late lunch of Hickory Pork Ribs, a hefty rack of grilled barbecued pork ribs glazed with a rich coffee barbecue sauce and served with garlic mashed potato and grilled vegetables. The indulgent starters to the main course – the rich-tasting Tomato Basil Soup and the fresh Mixed Green Salad -- were actually a decadent prelude that refined my palate.

Cobalt Room Love

It was only after my late lunch that I was able to finally relax inside my booked room, a 26 square meter, Mexican-inspired space that’s slightly whitewashed and elegantly juxtaposed with hues of brown and yellow ochre. Complete with an in-room safe, a DVD player and flat screen cable TV, mini-refrigerator, insect repellent with citronella oils, resort bag, bathrobe, pair of slippers, bath essentials and hygiene kit, the room felt essentially relevant. The inclusion of woven storage accent gave the room a rustic charm, a fitting complement to the wooden bay-view balcony where I had a fanciful wee-hour lounge of gazing at the moonlit waters of Maricaban Strait.

The inclusion of woven storage accent gave the room a rustic charm, a fitting complement to the wooden bay-view balcony...

For a solo guest, it sort of was a downer. It could have been the most romantic time for someone like me had I been with a current flame. If anything, my solitary moment served me with a plenitude of nature-inspired routines from star-gazing to random outdoor strolls along the pebbled shoreline of the property.

Infinity Pool Dip

By night time, I was chest-deep submerged at the sexy infinity pool of the resort. Framed by no less than a starlit sky that’s accentuated by a full moon, a few trees to the left and right, and the infinity edge that proved to be more seamless during the day when I had another dip in the morning. The lukewarm water felt spectacular to the skin as I always potentially feel cold with my slim frame whenever I swim outdoors. I capped my pool moments (night and day) with epic minutes of power naps at a poolside recliner which rewarded me with an unobstructed view of the sky upon waking up.

Hickory Pork Ribs
Dinner In Bed

For dinner, I opted to have it in bed inside my booked room after my night time dip. The restaurant waiter personally served my order of savory Rosemary Chicken, a dish of balsamic glazed chicken that’s marinated in rosemary olive oil and served with herb flavored rice, plus grilled vegetables. It also came with a bowl of Mushroom Soup, a plate of Kani Stick Salad, and a creamy Mango Float dessert.

Filling Breakfast

Before I checked out of the resort, I had a filling breakfast of Cream Cheese French Toast which is a set of generous slices of bread bathed in egg and slathered in cream cheese which were later on toasted to perfection. It was served with a couple of juicy sausages.

For dinner, I opted to have it in bed inside my booked room after my night time dip.

Mixed Green Salad

Last Glance

As I walked past Vivere Azure’s receiving area to surrender my booked room’s keys, I took one last gander at the spectacular view of the poolside cabanas, the stunning infinity pool, and the vast expanse of the placid bay.

I realised that home could be wherever I wanted it to be even if it meant being a recluse for a mid-week in July. What mattered was how indulgent I was willing to make my reset feel like. The resort made me forget my wanton disregard for pleasure. It also made me recall how badly I deserve to have one.

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Vivere Azure

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Address: Anilao, Mabini, Batangas City, Philippines 4202
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More Photos Below:

(top) Chocolate Float Dessert; (bottom left) Brewed Coffee

(top) Rosemary Chicken; (bottom left) Mango Float Dessert; (bottom right) Kani Salad

Cream Cheese French Toast with Sausages


  1. Great post! I just want to ask if how to go there via commute from manila? Thanks a lot!

    1. Ride any Batangas City-bound bus in Buendia or Cubao and get off at Batangas City Bus Terminal. Then ride a jeepney for the Grand Terminal where you will need to ride another jeepney with a signboard Mabini-Batangas (Anilao) that will take you to Anilao Port. Once in Anilao Port hire a tricycle to bring you to Vivere Azure.


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