Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday, August 16, 2015
Capas ATV Adventure
Segway Tours Philippines


G E T A W A Y S 

Sometimes you like it rough. You desire a getaway that jolts you out of your city coma. You long for weekends when you can escape the pathetic caffeine and sugar rush of coffee and donuts. There are weekdays when you just want to give up on your controlled life and "lose it" in a terrain where the next turn is unexpected. You don't want to resolve anything. You just want to rev up, keep on a manic pace, and finish something seemingly crazy.

Adventure rides are what you're looking for and I've tested three awesome ones in the Philippines just for you. I happened to have tagged along friends to enjoy them with me but such rides can also be appreciated solo.

Bicol ATV Adventure
You haven't tried any adventure ride and you feel you're not ready for one just yet? You will never be. You just go out and experience one. That's what you should be feeding uncertainty with -- a deliberate act of reckless abandon.

Here are three adventure rides to try in the Philippines that I've tested myself. Bicol region has the province of Albay where an ATV ride of Mayon's lava trail has attracted local and foreign tourists. Tarlac has Capas where the vast lahar-devastated area has a speed-worthy trail for a similar ride. Lastly, Boracay can be enjoyed inland aboard a Segway Personal Trainer, an electric vehicle that lets tourists reach the peak of Mount Luho for a view of the whole island. I also tossed in a couple of recommended relaxing accommodations per adventure destination to book in anticipation of feeling spent outdoors after the fun activities:

Bicol Adventure ATV
Bicol Adventure ATV
Destination: Daraga, Albay
Recommend Trail: Green Lava Trail
Recommended Hotel: The ApplePeach House
Recommended Budget Resort: Gio's Majestic View

Aboard Bicol Adventure ATV’s CFMoto Terralander 500, I was led with my correspondent photographer by tour expert Lhanz Asuncion and his assistant to experience the so-called green lava trail. It’s a full 16-kilometer trail that commenced at Barangay Busay's Cagsawa Ruins, plying the rugged quarry-filled terrain along the 1968-produced lava wall with uphill and downhill slopes, past the permanent danger zone through the eerie forest, up the 2,500-3,000-feet verdant summit and back.

Read more here.

For accommodations, the old district of Legazpi City has the affordable luxury of The Apple Peach House. For a wellness-oriented resort that has a hilltop view of Albay, you can try Gio's Majestic View.

Bicol Adventure ATV
View of the Camalig's Quitinday Green Hills aboard the Bicol Adventure ATV
Segway Tours Philippines
Segway Tours Philippines
Destination: Boracay, Aklan
Recommended Track: Zetro Site To Mount Luho
Recommended 5-Star Resort: Ambassador In Paradise
Recommended Boutique Hotel: Zuzuni Boutique Hotel

The Segway Personal Transporter allowed me to cover a great distance of Boracay that a walk would normally prevent me to do. It also gave me a breezy and carefree ambiance of the island without the barriers of a usual coaster or tricycle ride. All I had to do while aboard the electric vehicle was conveniently take a gander at everything that the scenery would show. I also easily made quick glances behind me without falling off. It's that safe once you undergo the 15-minute first ride inside the Zetro ATV and Buggy Car Adventures site where the adventure ride service is located.

Read more here.

One of the closest 5-star resorts to the ride site is Ambassador In Paradise. You can also try the boutique hotel called Zuzuni.

Segway Tours Philippines
Segway Tours Philippines
Photographer Josua Chan trying out Capas ATV Adventure
Destination: Capas, Tarlac
Recommended Trail: Tambo Lake Trail
Recommended Hotel: Microtel By Wyndham-Luisita
Recommended Homestay: Alvin Bognot Mt. Pinatubo Guesthouse

Capas ATV Adventure is known for its sprawling Pinatubo lahar trail. It's the only ATV touring facility to operate in the area. It was also the site where the second largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century happened. My chosen trail was the two-hour Tambo Lake Trail (aptly named after the tambo plant which were harvested by locals in the area before the Mount Pinatubo eruption). I could've extended an hour more for a visit of Maruglo Falls but since the weather earlier that day was not nice, the river got a bit deeper than the usual depth. I had to bail out of that side trip and cut short our total covered distance to 18 kilometers.

Read more here.

The closest classy hotel to the ATV site is Microtel By Wyndham-Luisita. However, the closest accommodation for those on the cheap is the Alvin Bognot Mt. Pinatubo Guesthouse.

Fellow travel blogger PinoyAdventurista enjoying the Capas ATV Adventure
Young aetas at the ATV trail in Capas
Try anything once. Soon, you will be craving for more anyway. Anything great deserves a second try. After all, a fantastic adventure is worth repeating because there's a chance that you will come out of it with a different experience.

Gio's Majestic View in Albay
Zuzuni Boutique Hotel in Boracay
Alvin Bognot Mt. Pinatubo Guesthouse in Tarlac


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