Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturday, August 01, 2015
Chef Baker Johnlu Koa



A great number of food lovers, including yours truly, trooped to the Event Center of SM Megamall (Mega A) last July 24, 2015 to witness a live cooking demo by Chef Baker Johnlu Koa for French appliance brand Moulinex and The French Baker. Dubbed as Easy Food Treats with Chef Baker Johnlu Koa, the demo cum tasting showcase featured easy-to-prepare but delectable food treats by the founder and president of The French Baker, Johnlu Koa.

Inspired by the celebration of the French Month (July) and in jovial participation of food-loving Filipinos with the French community in observing French Bastille Day, the event used readily available breads and baked products from The French Baker store. He also showcased the use of Moulinex small kitchen appliances to make the demo possible.

I happened to catch Chef Baker Johnlu Koa at the mall escalator on his way down to the event site where I wished him well just before the latter commenced. A few minutes later, the host greeted the audience to welcome the star of the cooking demo, Koa himself. Being more of a foodie than a cook, I was inspired to listen to him talk about how he started his illustrious career to get where he is now – the stellar position to reach out to fellow Filipinos when it comes to easy-to-prepare food.

With eager participants joining in on the fun demo and using the same cooking tools and ingredients as Chef Baker Johnlu Koa, the audience-engaging event proved to be more than eye candy. It was also good for the tummy as the audience were treated to tasting the dishes prepared as soon as they were done. Raffle prizes were also given away. All in all, there were six recipes featured in the cooking demonstration and most spectators got the chance to sample the resulting food treats.

I had the chance to sample most of the dishes featured including the Chicken Liver Pate (a gourmet spread served on crostinis or toasted French bread), Cheese Quesadilla (a crunchy Mexican-inspired three-cheese appetizer that’s also gooey on the inside) and Chorizo Pizza (assembled using a French Baker Pizza Crust for a regular pizza and Tortilla Wraps for thin crust pizza), among others.

Using the Moulinex Food Processor, he processed the chicken liver into a smooth and delightful pate to start preparing the Chicken Liver Pate. He then transformed a loaf of day-old French Baguette into crusty toasted bread slices using the Moulinex Bread Toaster to which he cheerfully emphasized that bread crumbs deserve to be gathered that way instead of having them scattered in unlikely places.

When it came to preparing the Cheese Quesadilla, he made several variations using The French Baker’s Tortilla Wraps in Flour, Whole Wheat, Tomato Basil and Spinach flavour variants. He relied on the Moulinex Food Shredder for an even grating of the cheese. To crunch the tortilla wraps, he lightly grilled them on an energy-efficient Krups Griddle.

As for the Chorizo Pizza, the Moulinex Food Shredder came in handy for even grating of the mozzarella cheese. If anything, this specific snack proved that a single guy like me doesn’t need a full-sized oven to create a delicious pizza! I surely enjoyed watching how the first three recipes were prepared thanks to a hot cup of coffee from The French Baker!

The live cooking demo proceeded with three more recipes including the Fresh Mushroom Cream Pasta, plus the two flavor-packed but light and healthy sandwiches, Grilled Panini Spanish Sardines Sandwich and Vegetarian Sandwich.

In partnership with SM Megamall, Easy Food Treats with Chef Baker Johnlu Koa was successfully held thanks to Moulinex and The French Baker. For more information, visit the official website of The French Baker and Moulinex.

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