Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday, July 25, 2015
Salted Egg Wings
Classic Buffalo Wings

W I N G S 



There are many ways to eat a piece of Classic Buffalo Wings at Wishbone, a newly-opened restaurant in Pasig City. Like donning a plastic bib when feasting over lobster or crab, the newest Kapitolyo dining destination has its guests put on one hand a piece of plastic glove for the deliciously messy ritual. The type of wing was named after the industrial-centric and upstate city of Buffalo in New York, but the local version can be had along the stretch of East Capitol Drive, particularly between two other restaurants -- Tomahawk Chops & Grill and The Round Table. Standing out in the middle of this short dining venue strip, a red sliding door marks the spot for an American-oriented meal.

Deep-fried Wings

Wishbone is home to the American favorite deep-fried wing. Tossed in signature sauces, the roster of flavored options are starting to generate a buzz among foodies in the district for being crisp sans the flabby skin and staying juicy without being overly greasy. With half a dozen per order, dining guests can choose from flavors other than the Classic Buffalo such as Teriyaki, Hickory BBQ (the sweetness of which the ladies love), Thai Curry, Sriracha-mansi (chili hot pepper-based hot sauce) and Garlic Parmesan.

Kebab Burger

Explosion of Flavors

One humid weekend, I had the chance to sample some selections from Wishbone's menu for a late lunch. The God-awful heat outside distracted me from my appetite as I sat all haunched up waiting for my order of Classic Buffalo Wings. I tore into it and my weary mindset was instantly spruced up. As if it was aimed to declutter my preoccupied self, the spicy and slightly sour taste got me encouraged to tear more into it. I could have easily chugged a complementing beer to wash down everything but it's normally served past 10:00pm in most restaurants with a liquor license. Instead, an order of aioli did me in completely. The tangy dip definitely suited the burst of flavors from every aioli-smothered bite of the wing.

Dirty Rice
Salted Egg was the other half a dozen flavor of wings that I ordered after being cajoled by the restaurant's co-owners, Rameses and Mandy, to try it as well. Coated in hefty salted egg yolk sauce, the wings did not appear to be appetizing at the onset especially with its off-putting color against the brown and white palette of the restaurant's interiors. However, its tasty reputation got my nod after I paired it with a bowl of Dirty Rice (a less greasy version compared to one that I tasted a year ago).

I made sure that I did not miss out in tasting the crispy potato chips that came with both orders. Unlike how other restaurants prepare their side of chips, the brains behind Wishbone prefers to serve theirs freshly cut and cooked from the kitchen upon order. As I determined, the remarkable difference was noticeable in its taste and texture.

Cubano Sandwich
Salted Egg Wings
Co-owners Rameses and Mandy

Taking On A Kebab Burger

Next, I feasted on Wishbone's version of Kebab Burger which packed a flavorful punch with every bite of its no-extender patty. The top bun was a bit charred but I easily dismissed it with amazing reality of having the Middle Eastern dish in burger format.

Ending Late Lunch With A Cubano

I finally ended my late lunch with an off-the-menu order of the movie-inspired sandwich called Cubano. Layered with spiced ham, roast beef, pickles, mustard and cheese, the sandwich was first made popular by writer-director-actor Jon Favreau via the movie, Chef. It's served cut in half with the colors of fun and sunny Miami seemingly tucked in the middle.

Now open to serve you
The People Behind Wishbone

The young couple's idiosyncratic vision of dominating the district with more than a couple of restaurants was palpable in Wishbone's fired-up selections. Serving size per order is decent and not unnecessarily copious. Without sacrificing authenticity of taste, pricing is affordable. It seems they have carried out this new gustatory venture as a result of a successful prelude via the semi-al fresco pizzeria, Pomodoro Pizza, another restaurant of theirs in Kapitolyo. The inventive and highly-motivated business acumen of the couple is extended in the restaurant's interiors where nifty wooden pallets adorn half of the dining area's ceiling. The rest of the place is simplicity in industrial design.

It's impossible not to fall in love with this newly-opened restaurant in Kapitolyo. If anything, cravings of deliciousness can be more than just wishes at Wishbone. The place made it real to my gut's delight.


Official Facebook fan page of Wishbone

Address: 56-B East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Mobile: 0916-697-4992

Cubano Sandwich


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