Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015


A T   E T O N


The commercial enclave of Eton Centris has Centris Walk, a nightlife sanctuary for Quezon City diners. Surrounded by BPO facilities, the dining hub is home to Filipino cuisine as far as patrons of Asya Filipino-Asian Restaurant are concerned. The imposing and almost futuristic-looking promenades just outside the restaurant are a bit of a show-off. A single glance at them is enough to titillate the senses. No wonder local flavors are celebrated in a similar fashion at the recently rebranded establishment.

Asya Filipino-Asian Restaurant has been a gustatory spot for some of the city’s discriminating dwellers and those in transit to Manila or Makati City since 2010. Its charming dining area flaunts everything in a startling way from prominent face-chairs (seats with painted-on faces for backrests) to elaborate lighting fixtures. However, what really makes it endearing to those who are familiar with its caliber is its best-seller of Grilled Squid that’s expertly served as a whole treat and not in morsels. The dish is beloved for being stuffed with tomato and onion a la minute and cooked to taste as tender as possible without losing its meat’s firm texture. What’s more, it's served with a potent-tasting Visayan sauce (vinegar, soy sauce, and onions).

Father's Day Special

For a recent Father’s Day visit of Eton Centris after some self-pampering at a nearby spa, I reckoned I’d score delicious treats in copious ­­­servings for my dad at Asya. I was determined to beat the drizzling night outside with a fast-and-furious cab driver, but I ended up inspired to dine alone over a dessert of a newly-launched Coffee Panacota. Of course, before I finally got in the mood for such a sweet treat, I had to contend with some of my main dish orders that included the restaurant’s other best-seller – the Crispy Pla-pla (served with plum sauce).

The Chicken Dish That Refreshed Me

Just as I was in the mood to not linger at the dining table anymore, I took a sip of my takeout order of Binakol Na Manok and realised that I had to have some of it for dine-in. The soothing massage that almost put me to sleep minutes ago finally got crossed out with an awakening of the chicken kind. The soup dish tasted as refreshing (maybe even more) than my Four Seasons Shake. I almost finished the whole bowl and I remember it to be good for sharing with at least two more people!

One Big, Happy Family

Regulars at the restaurant always arrive in big groups like families and friends. The friendly and homey countenance of its staff may not just complement the place, but also the sensibilities of its owners who prefer to treat them as part of one big family. As a matter fact, the kitchen staff and servers are allowed to contribute minor changes to the dish line up from time to time.

Filipino Cuisine's Best

The Filipino cuisine that holds the majority of prestige in the restaurant’s selection is not the only stellar reason to visit the place. Wednesdays are acoustic-pop nights while Thursdays feature bossa nova artists for guests. For friends who are in the mood to drink the night away, a beer barkada package for 5 people can come with a free snack or pulutan.

Truly, my visit of the Filipino-Asian restaurant was quite worth bracing the weekend traffic jam due to the special day for dads. I happened to bring home the best of Filipino flavors that inspired a night of bonding with my family, thanks to Asya. 

Asya Filipino-Asian Restaurant

Address: Ground Floor, Centris Walk, Eton Centris, EDSA corner Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
Phone: (02) 994-8467 or (02) 738-4938 to 39
Mobile: 0917-554-7155 


  1. Mmmmm! That is definitely delicious! Check out that grilled fish!

    1. Nice for sharing also with friends and family!


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