Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday, May 10, 2015
Tour Operator and Tourism Advocate Rome Candaza



My third visit of Albay set me for more than just a view of the majestic Mayon Volcano. As I discovered with the help of tourism advocate and tour operator Rome Candaza, the province also has a set of rolling hills that accentuate the landscape. Called the Quitinday Green Hills, the verdant terrain resembles the famous Chocolate Hills attraction of Bohol in shape but, in contrast, it appears as a lush green of paradise because of ankle-to-waist-high grass and scattered coconut trees. Some tourists can view the splendid formation from a high point at their flight-in to Legazpi City Airport. In my experience, it’s best visited on site as it’s accessible through the district of Camalig.

Triple "A" Travel

The Bicol peninsula has the beautiful Quitinday Green Hills and it’s just an hour of travel from Legazpi City. Thanks to Roaming Rome Knows Travel (Facebook), I was able to reach the rolling hill formation while booked at the Old District of Albay’s The Apple Peach House for my Triple "A" Travel (Absolute Albay In April Tour). Aboard a habal-habal (motorcycle), I treaded the endless cemented highways and non-developed roads to reach the emerging tourist attraction in April of this year. Some visitors though can ride a private vehicle to easily reach the destination.

The short trek uphill

Heading To Quitinday

On our way to the hill formation reserve, we passed by the Camalig’s pastoral environment where locals seem to be graciously residing. The journey also allowed me to personally see a centennial bridge (constructed in 1915) that was still passable. We left the hotel after lunch just in time to catch the sunset at the tourist attraction that’s famous for being tagged as pili nut hills because of their pointed hilltops. From the base of the trek to the hill reserve, it was a few more minutes of uphill climb which challenged my legs a bit. Thankfully, there were erected wooden guide posts where I was able to hold on to for body support. The trek was something that any beginner or non-mountain climber can tackle which makes the attraction tourist-friendly.

Coral stones found on the hilltops
At The Hilltop and More

On site, pathways were cleared for tourists to walk on and even sit onto. I did both – lingering on the middle-side of a hill and resting on a few stops along the way – because the magical experience of being at the Quitinday Green Hills is being literally being in the middle of the formation and surrounded by lush greenery. From afar, I was able to vividly spot the spectacular silhouette of the Mayon Volcano at its finest. The weather was pleasant with God seemingly telling me that the place was something that He prepared for me to see in my lifetime.

It’s advisable to linger at the attraction for more than 30 minutes or even an hour because it’s breezy on the hilltops anyway. The moment of waiting for the strong sunlight to flash against a portion of some of the hills created a visual spectacle that certainly entertained me because the contrast of the shade on the other side of the hills made the terrain rolling to the eyes.

Plying the newly-constructed Bongabong Road

Coral Stones

Interestingly, coral stones could be seen in varying shapes on the hilltops of the reserve which left me to imagine the area as submerged under water millions of years ago.

Leaving The Attraction

To reach the hotel just in time for dinner, we had to leave the hill reserve while sunset was ensuing. Before leaving the area, we made sure to patronize the attendant’s supply of mineral water for drinks at the base as it was necessary to be hydrated after such an experience. We plied the newly-built Bongabong Road this time to reach the district of Daraga as we still intended to drop by Gio’s Majestic View, another tourist attraction and resort in Albay.

At the entrance of the hill formation reserve
I can just imagine how splendid it would be to camp out overnight with a tent at the site, however, such was not allowed yet by tourism authorities during the time of our visit. 

Book a day tour of the Quitinday Green Hills and experience a side of Albay that’s more than just the Mayon Volcano.

Quitinday Green Hills Tour

Phone: 0927-242-5115/ 0909-116-3310

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  1. Hi Mr. tourista,

    This is ms lanie from albay. i read your blogs and i really like it especially on the "The Rolling Quitinday Green Hills of Camalig In Albay" thanks for this.
    ill be there next week with my friend.. thanks

    hope to read more blogs..

    Thanks :)

    1. Mighty glad that I was able to give you a heads up on the location Lanie. Continue reading the blog! Thanks!

  2. Sir, how much is the fare for the "habal-habal" per pax? :)


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