Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015
Asakusa Special Tendon




Japanese food and culture have long intrigued me as a traveler. With the opening of Tenya at SM Megamall, tasting authentic tendon flavors has finally become a reality for me. A recent visit of the newly-opened restaurant at the 4th level of the mall got me excited to dip into the cultural exchange that’s been happening in the Philippines.

Tenya is famous in Japan. As a matter of fact, it already has hundreds of stores scattered in the country enough to make a buzz here. The world-class brand of authentic Japanese food is known for serving delicious tendon flavors.

Tasty Karaage with mayo dip
Potato Salad, Tenya-style

Knowing Tendon

To begin with, a tendon is the result of the combination of Tempura and Donburi. Tempura is a Japanese deep-frying technique that adds flavor and texture to the food that leaves its natural flavor intact. Tenya actually has over 350 varieties in its recipe library of tempura flavors. Donburi completes the character of the meals at the restaurant as it represents a Japanese rice bowl – a staple that comes with different toppings.

Asakusa Special Tendon

My order of the three-pronged Asakusa Special Tendon seemed natural as most of the Filipino guests dining that day also ordered the same variety. It’s a big set of succulent black tiger beans that have been battered and deep-fried to perfection. It already has Tenya’s signature Dontare sauce when it was served on top of steamed rice but I still drizzled more of that sauce on my order as a bowl of the sauce was on the table. Eating one was healthy as the Black Tiger prawns are naturally grown (I learned from an insider) and the flour used was specially formulated and imported from Japan. I also noticed that the order used freshly-cut vegetables and canola oil as the texture showed both qualities.

Fast Order

My order came fast as I learned from a staff of the restaurant that Tenya has patented its own automatic fryer. Controlled by a unique computer program, the Auto Fryer constantly cooks Tenya delicious products and can serve them in just 2 minutes!

More Tendon Choices

Scanning the menu, more tendon flavors can be had at the restaurant from its All-Star Tendon (a bowl of mouth-watering black tiger prawns, squid, salmon, kani stick, green beans and mushroom tempuras over a steaming hot Japanese rice) to its Kakiage Tendon (a tempura mix of shrimp, white onions and celery served on top of authentic Japanese rice).

For additional orders, I had Karaage (fried chicken nuggets) and Potato Salad. And to culminate the meal, I ordered a cold fix of sweet popsicle stick called Fruity Juicy Pop in strawberry flavor – a sweet ending to a delicious experience.


Headquarters: GF Sample Shop Building, AFP-RSBS Complex, Km 12 East Service Road corner C5, Taguig, Philippines 1800

Phone: (02) 837-5036


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