Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Plate of OMAHA USDA Prime Striploin



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The star of every dining experience is the food. Sometimes it’s the ambiance. There are times when the stellar spotlight is shed on the restaurant interiors. One dining destination in Pasig City’s Barangay Kapitolyo – Sky Garden Steak House –  recently got food lovers buzzing about everything that it has to offer. From mouth-watering steaks to its 6-course set meal special, the gustatory escape in this side of Metro Manila became irresistible for me one late afternoon that I ended up having dinner there.

Sky Garden Steak House is located at the 8th level of the Ace Hotel & Suites and is the latter’s official F&B facility. Arriving at the dining destination, I felt a sense of calmness as its pastel-oriented interiors exuded an atmosphere that was far from the virility of the urban landscape outside. I knew I was in for a stress-free date with myself and my yearning for a plate of delicious steak!

The charming outdoor dining area eight floors up next to the air conditioned restaurant
Shrimp and Curry Appetizer
The main dining area of the restaurant
Garlic Bread With Mushroom Antipasto

Delicious Inspiration

The inspiration for the hotel’s affiliate restaurant can be attributed to one’s passion for good food as I determined with my order of Shrimp and Curry for appetizer. The romance for the panoply of flavors did not end there as I tackled the rich taste of Mushroom Antipasto on garlic bread for my bread and dip moment. The soup also came easy on the tummy via an order of warm Cream of Pumpkin & Carrot. As for a sampling of salad, I vividly remember loving the sesame dressing on my order of Mixed Greens.

Engaging performers of the night
Steak Love

After an hour of playing hard-to-get, I finally gave in to my steak yearning via an order of the OMAHA USDA Prime Striploin (300g) which was served with tasty mashed potato, corn, garlic and vegetables. I had my steak served medium-rare as I remember an expert in the past advising me to do so whenever I order one to ascertain texture and taste. I was not disappointed at all. Tearing into the meat was easy and it visibly had enough juice to compliment the accompanying sauce. Middle-of-dinner was sublime.

Dessert and More

As for dessert, I had a plate of Crème Brulee that I discovered to taste mild because it did not give me any stinging sensation in the throat unlike with one order that I had in the past in another restaurant.

A lovely corner inside the restaurant
Mixed Greens With Sesame Dressing
Cream of Pumpkin & Carrot Soup
The friendly restaurant staff

For beverage, I had Red Iced Tea which I culminated with a cup of brewed coffee after dessert. I was eagerly entertained by a female performing artist who sang adult contemporary tunes with some wedding-favorite ditties tossed in the set. Finally, my dining experience at Sky Garden Steak House was a success. I was more than stuffed. I had a singular sensation of one tasty kind and the district of Kapitolyo proved to be a charming area where such restaurant can be found.

Steak Choices

I will certainly return to taste the other steak flavors such as St. Helen's USDA Choice Rib Eye (300g) and the Australian Pure Black Angus Tenderloin. A friend of mine who's into anything BBQ will probably love the BBQ-Glazed Baby Back Ribs.

Kiddie Meals

More than a venue for a romantic date, the restaurant also serves kiddie meals. Dining guests can find it interesting to bring children to the restaurant as meals of Fried Chicken and Spaghetti Bolognese are also offered in the menu. 

Sky Garden Steak House

Address: United St. cor. Brixton St., near Pioneer, Pasig City, Philippines 1603
Phone: 628-1888
Hours of Operation: Tuesdays to Sundays, 6:00pm-10:00pm

More Photos Below:

Creme Brulee Dessert

Ace Hotel & Suites room features
A room at Ace Hotel & Suites


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