Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday, May 03, 2015

It is all too common to misplace important documents before or during travel. After the process of going through the passport application, it is always a shame when you happen to misplace or lose your passport. A great way to avoid any extra stress or delays for your travels is to keep your passport in a safe and memorable locations before, during, and after you leave your destination.

In order to avoid having to reapply for a visa due to it being lost, it is important to be aware of some of the most common terrible places to leave your passport.

1) At home

One of the most common mistakes people make is to get swept away in the packing and organizing aspect of their travel plans. With all the busyness and distractions, many people find themselves leaving their passports at home! Without your passport, you will unfortunately most likely be unable to embark or cross the borders of whichever country you are traveling to. Some countries allow travel with another form of identification like a drivers license within the country limits if you are a citizen. If you are a foreign traveler, it is more than likely that you won’t be able to get very far without your passport identification.

2) In a public restroom

While out sightseeing and exploring the country you have traveled to, it is all too common to accidentally leave your passport in public restrooms or restaurants while out and about. If you notice your passport has gone missing while in a foreign country, try to retrace your steps and contact the different establishments you’ve visited, as someone may have turned it in for you. While abroad, it is important to file a report for your lost passport with the local police agency as well as contact your home consulate to see about getting emergency travel documentation.

3) In a taxi

On the way to the airport before you embark on your travels, you may find that you’ve left your passport behind in a taxi. This can be startling and stressful, but fortunately most taxi companies will be able to pinpoint which vehicle you were in as well as the driver who picked you up. It is best to contact the company as soon as you notice you’ve left your passport so they may retrieve it and return it to you promptly. If you find that you’ve left your passport behind in a taxi in a foreign country, make sure to file a police report, call the taxi company and contact your home consulate as well.

4) In a different country

Losing your passport in a different country can be one of the most stressful scenarios involving your passport. This is an all too common mistake and luckily, there are steps to take to help ease the burden. Once you’ve first noticed your passport has been lost or stolen, immediately contact the local police branch to file a proper missing passport report. This allows any passports that have been found to be flagged by the local authorities. If you can, look up the number to your home consulate before you travel so that in the event of misplacing your passport, you will be able to notify your home country and receive emergency travel documents for your return home.

5) In the trash

Although an odd location to leave your passport, it is all too common for people to accidentally throw their passports away. You may luck out when retracing your steps and find the passport in the bin, but if it’s too late, there are steps to take to replace your passport as quickly as possible. If your dates for travel are fast approaching, most emergency travel documents can be issued to you in 24 hours. The temporary passport will allow you to travel for one year before it’s required that you replace it with an official document.

6) On public transportation

When traveling abroad, it is common to take public transportation from place to place. Make sure to keep your passport close to you at all times, preferably in a bag or purse that is on your body. Passports have been known to slip out of pockets or fall out of traveler’s hands while en route.

7) In your coat pocket

It may sound funny, but it is always smart to unpack your pockets after any travels. People tend to leave their passports in the pockets of their coats/jackets/pants, which get misplaced if the contents aren’t emptied upon your return. In order to ensure stress-free travel, make sure to prepare all necessary documents before your intended date of travel. Leaving your passport out by your keys or wallet the night before a big trip will help ensure that you know where all of your necessary knickknacks are before you depart.


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