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Monday, March 23, 2015




La Virginia Leisure Park and Amusement Resort (LVLPAR) is a bundle of surprises in a town of Batangas called Mataas Na Kahoy, roughly a couple of hours away from Metro Manila. My recent visit of the 8-hectare development allowed me to view the famous Taal Lake from an Ifugao-inspired accommodation, something that’s rare in Southern Luzon

LVLPAR offers a tranquil view of the vast body of water that can rival any popular destination in Tagaytay City. And, contrary to the popular notion that a splendid view of the lake can only be enjoyed from Cavite, Batangas actually covers 90% of the lake territory-wise.

The resort's infinity pool
The view of the whole property from the tree house

(top) bulalo; (bottom) tawilis

Lush Vegetation

The full 10-hectare property is yet to be realised by its owners and no one’s really chasing against time as I ascertained during my visit. I recall indulging in lush views of high vegetation for the venue’s surroundings. Since the resort is nestled on the mountainside, the terrain inside the premises can prove to be challenging for senior citizens, but is definitely an adventure for anybody who loves a cliff-side view. It’s easy to get lost in the well-manicured garden maze of its eclectic design where dwarf statues are erected in one spot and various animals pop out in another. Walking through its multi-tiered levels of themed accommodations also let me see a lot of kid-friendly attractions like a massive giraffe and a gigantic gorilla.

The Tree House

My favorite spot is actually the multi-level tree house, the highest point at the resort where I was able to see the whole place from different directions. It was also where I made sure to spend my early morning ritual of prayer because it was peaceful up there even with the actual sunrise spectacle happening in the other side of the town.

Massive Appeal

LVLPAR appeals to any member of a family from the parent to the kid. It also attracts bus-loads of employees from various prominent companies in the Philippines. The charm of the place successfully rests on patrons who keep on returning and referring more guests since it first opened in the ‘80s. As a matter of fact, some guests whom I was able to have the pleasure of meeting for dinner were from the neighbouring Lipa City and other towns and not Metro Manila. And most of them tried the resort’s spa.

Hotel, Restaurant and More

Starting out as a simple orchard in Mataas Na Kahoy, LVLPAR now has a modern hotel with view-appointed rooms of either Mount Makulot or the the Taal Lake itself. Guests can enjoy refreshing soaks in any of its 3 large swimming pools (one of which is a breathtaking infinity pool) which has slides for kids to appreciate. It also boasts of its own restaurant or diner which was where I had the opportunity to sample the authentic Batangas-made delicacy of bulalo and the tasty tawilis (hauled directly from the lake). Equally memorable were my other meals of adobo for dinner and danguit for breakfast.

Adventure at the 2-Way Zip Line Ride
Enjoying the Segway Ride
My booked accommodation
View of the Ifugao Village

2-Way Zip Line and Segway Ride

My experience of LVLPAR was not complete without experiencing getting surprised by how daunting a zip line ride could be. I’ve had a lot in the past, but tackling the resort’s 2-way zip line was exciting since it was also from there where I got to see the whole property. I swear my heart skipped a beat seeing one too many cliffs during that ordeal. I also managed to enjoy the new 15-minute Segway Ride, a motorized one which was different from the type that I experienced in Boracay.

Getting There and Going Home

From EDSA, I boarded a Lipa-bound Jam Bus that took me less than two hours on the road until I reached Jollibee-Tambo where I eventually took a jeepney ride that goes directly to the town with the convenience store 7-11 as main landmark. Tricycles can be seen in the area and from there any guest can arrange a P60-ride directly to the resort. Going home, I tackled the SM Lipa City direction where most EDSA-bound buses are known to park and wait for travellers.

La Virginia Leisure Park and Amusement Resort

Address: Brgy. Manggahan, Mataas Na Kahoy, Batangas, Philippines
Phone: (043) 774 9483 / (043) 774-9445/ (043)774-9445/(043)703-2145/(0921) 781-4171 (Smart)/(0923) 717-3637 (Sun)

More Photos Below:

The resort infinity pool

The view from my booked Ifugao-inspired house

A view of the resort from the tree house
The resort chapel
The view of Taal Lake from the hotel
The row housing accommodation at the resort


  1. Hi, I would like to ask if the pool is good for kids as well as if the location is accesible to other tourist spots at batangas .thanks

    1. The swimming pools are kid-friendly. Mataas Na Kahoy where the resort is has regular commutes in and out to and from other towns of Batangas.


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