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Wednesday, March 04, 2015
Ambassador In Paradise (Station 1)




When it comes to a Boracay vacation, one's options for ultimate pleasure should not be overlooked. Rooting for the most luxurious beachfront accommodation, the kookiest tropical drink, and the best beach vibe should be considered. Any travel, especially if it's island-bound, should be pocket-friendly and this side of the Philippines definitely deserves only the best that your pocket can dish out. Why travel this far only to shortchange yourself? personally tested four (4) beachfront luxury accommodations and two (2) upscale resorts at the island for your booking pleasure:

Ambassador In Paradise (Station 1)
Ambassador In Paradise (Station 1)

Ambassador In Paradise: Beachfront Luxury At Station 1

At the triple A-accredited Ambassador In Paradise, Station 1 is left with a lasting impression that paradise can be had in many ways that only a five-star quality hotel-resort of its caliber can offer. It's just one of the top 25 luxury hotels in the Philippines in 2013 according to TripAdvisor, making it a sought-after destination within a destination.

I was booked at an Executive Ocean View which is one of the most spacious rooms at the hotel. It offered me a panoramic balcony and a glimpse of the beachfront that was seductively fenced by rows of towering coconut trees. I appreciated the fabulous welcome drinks, flat screen TV, fancy shell-stringed welcome necklace, in-room safe, bathrobe and in-room slippers, plus access to free Wi-Fi.

Read more about Ambassador In Paradise here.

Zuzuni Boutique Hotel (Station 1)
Zuzuni Boutique Hotel (Station 1)

Zuzuni: The Finest Boutique Stay At Station 1

With just enough space for the long stairway, winding corridors, and private room balconies, Zuzuni has managed to transform a small property into something with relevance to little pleasures at the island. My king-sized bed spot at my booked air-conditioned Premiere Beachfront room, for instance, was exactly next to the sliding glass door which allowed enough sunshine to embrace my skin. Waking up to something so natural early in the morning allowed me to simply step out of the room and linger at the balcony for a private experience of outdoor space.

At the fringe of Station 1, just a few steps from the surf and a stroll away from the busier Station 2 is this island's prime beachfront accommodation. Named after the Greek term for little insect, the 13-room boutique hotel has all the persuasive Mediterranean inspiration guaranteed to make every nook and cranny a pleasant island getaway indoors.

Read more about Zuzuni Boutique Hotel here.

The District Boracay (Station 2)
The District Boracay (Station 2)

The District Boracay: The Most Upscale Beachfront Resort At Station 2

Touted as the most vibrant enclave or strip of paradise at White Beach, the distinction of being at Station 2 appeals to a lot of tourists. It's only reasonable that the 48-room The District Boracay emerged as the scene's exceptional retreat. As one of my stopovers in my 3-day pursuit of tropical luxury at the island in 2014, I treated it as my crib, a home away from home where power naps meant a restful break between a dip at its five-foot deep lap pool and a lusty meal.

I was also able to experience the hotel-resort's famous Best Brunch Buffet via its F&B facility called Star Lounge. Found at the 2nd floor of the hotel, the bar and restaurant serves the gustatory spectacle from 10:30am to 1:00pm as response to the prevailing sense of timelessness in the island.

Read more about The District Boracay here.

Microtel By Wyndham-Boracay (Diniwid Beach)
Microtel By Wyndham-Boracay (Diniwid Beach)

Microtel By Wyndham-Boracay: Laid-back At Diniwid Beach 

You and Boracay. Unscripted. There's a chance that this can happen in Diniwid Beach where the powdery sand is bereft of tourism ennui. A good few minutes away of strolling from the busy shoreline of White Beach, this intimate portion of the island is a destination within a destination. Partially hidden from the edge of the high-end strip of hotel-resorts in Station 1, a set of establishments make up a cluster of distinctively old-island ambiance that lets a guest forget the past and future.

Microtel By Wyndham-Boracay sits at the fringe of Diniwid Beach and a cliff, providing the feel of a tropical enclave within the island paradise. Equipped with international-standard accommodation amenities, this branch is just one in the chain of the hotel brand scattered across the Philippines. It carries the same topnotch quality of hospitable service in this side of the island from queen-sized beds with chiropractor-approved mattress to overflowing coffee at the lobby.

Read more about Microtel By Wyndham-Boracay here.

The Tides Hotel Boracay (Station 2)
The Tides Hotel Boracay (Station 2)

Party At The Island At The Tides Hotel Boracay

The Tides Hotel Boracay is worlds away from the pedestrian beach vibe of its neighbors. At its courtyard, the look is a sanctuary for the chic. Inside its so-called Exceptional and Essential rooms, the mood is one of stylish comfort. Four floors up is the amenities deck where guests and walk-in tourists are engaged to bring the sizzle to a party scene. In the late afternoon, the same deck is good for taking a dip at its swimming pool and getting embraced by the island's stunning sunset. By night, as if on cue, the momentum gets deliciously blurred with sips of kooky tropical drinks. In the morning and for the rest of the day, topnotch dishes become the superstars at its F&B facility called Ka-on.

Read more about The Tides Hotel Boracay here.

The Sitio Boracay Villas and Suites (inland; walking distance from Station 1)
The Sitio Boracay Villas and Suites

A Secluded Stay At The Sitio Boracay Villa and Suites

As part of my all-expense paid trip to Boracay in 2013, staying at The Sitio Boracay Villas and Suites was a pleasant experience. My 3-days-2-nights beach getaway was my first in the famous island beach and the resort that welcomed me was as divine as the sun glistening against the Boracay shoreline.

The Sitio Boracay Villas and Suites used to be just a cozy 755-sqm compound of exotic-looking villas.

Read more about The Sitio Boracay Villas and Suites here.

My first visit of the island in 2013 evoked in me the pleasure of finding my serene spot. Whether it was sunbathing at a less crowded space or reading a book on a recliner, I enjoyed my own version of Boracay. My revisit in 2014 was sublime. It had me strolling on my bare feet. With powdery sand as soft as cotton, there’s nothing worse to experience than holding out on just being there for the heck of it.

Make your 2015 a Boracay visit soon!

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  1. These resorts look charming! Makes me want to visit Boracay. The last time I was in the island was, maybe, over five years ago. This entry just inspired me to go back!

    1. Thanks, Aileen. Visit Boracay again soon!


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