Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday, February 14, 2015




What are two single guys to do at Valentine’s Day with lots of freelance time on their hands? Fall in line for a feast of a roster of world-class dishes at Quezon City’s premier buffet dining venue -- The Buffet International Cuisine, that’s what! With a bevy of cuisines from Asia, North and South America, plus Europe, dinner had to start early at 6:00pm and end quite late. Most of all, it had to end with a chilled bottle of Bear Beer from Germany. The twist: it had to come out fresh from the Innocool storage, a thermo-engineering technology that enhances the beverage by turning it into slush after shaking it.

I tagged along a friend to celebrate The Buffet International Cuisine’s second grand food-tasting event since October of 2014. The February 14 event was not called the Weddings Banquets and More 2015 for nothing. Present were throngs of engaged and  newly-wed couples to sample potential dishes for upcoming wedding receptions and honeymoon meals, respectively.

The Spirit of A German Brew

Sticking rather oddly were my friend and I who had to contend with spending a lot of time at the buffet station so as to blend in. If anything, I successfully drowned my romantic cravings for nobody in particular with a bottle of the German brew and paired it with a slice of smooth mango tiramisu, plus the dreamy creme brûlée.

Korea's Appetizing Mandu

For starters, we tasted samples of authentic mandu (dumpling) from what The Buffet calls as Fusion Korea, the first franchise kiosk of its kind in the Philippines. I learned that the franchising fee fetches up to a hundred thousand pesos. Add to that, the cost of the well-designed, fancy kiosk at a little more than the same price. Cute kiddie chefs started entering the Grand Ballroom (200-seater function room) of the two-storey dining and events venue with more Korean dumplings for us to taste and I was almost stuffed.

Grand Food-Tasting

I left enough room in my tummy for the actual food-tasting of various dishes that night which included seafood specials, more dumplings, sweet treats, and traditional viands. For base, I had a filling and tasty serving of rice pilaf and pushed everything down with more of that reliable Bear Beer!

Ballroom Group Dance

Next thing I knew, all servers came rushing inside the ballroom and filled all the empty spaces with their bodies to move to the pulsating dance tune with a groove master at the helm onstage. Club lights started darting through the air. I learned a few minutes into the dance routine that it was happening at the same time downstairs where the conventional buffet operations were taking place.

For franchising details, contact The Buffet (see info further below)

Winning Patrons

Aside from presenting the innovative beverage enhancing technology called Innocool and the Fusion Korean kiosk franchising opportunity, the event’s host also led the raffle for the night. Given away were bottles of wine and hotel stays at Microtel By Wyndham, plus a full expense-paid experience of Boracay (with airfare).

By past nine, there was a drizzle outside which I considered a fitting weather to end the elaborate night of feasting on buffet treats. It was the cue for two single guys to go home and sleep with full stomachs, satisfied at least for the day. Tomorrow is another day anyway. An ordinary one at that.

Watch the short but exciting video of the server's group dance:

The Buffet International Cuisine

Address: 41 Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines 1121
Email: reservations
Phone: (02) 351-5536 or 352-4075 or (63) 942-484-7756

Check out more of my review of the buffet restaurant here.

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