Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday, January 17, 2015
The resort's Casita



The last thing anyone will see beyond Momarco Resort’s gate is a reminder of the industrial era detritus of the world outside Tanay. Forget imposing skyscrapers. Welcome massive age-old trees. Say goodbye to elevators and air conditioners. Embrace the allure of breezy walks. For a pre-Christmas escape last December, I scoped out the vast compound in Sitio Bathala where it is tucked away from the well-paved Sampaloc Road. The lonely and winding road was sporadically rugged which felt unreal at a province that’s been known to be run by the long-standing control of the Ynares political clan.

At night after hiking to the distant Daraitan River, the same route to the resort looked eerie with total darkness in some spots. I’d prefer to remember how quaint the area was during the daytime because the prevailing foliage around the property is something that’s no longer available in my highly urbanized Metro Manila. This patch of land in Rizal was my kind of holiday getaway between beach immersions. It was misty in the morning and chilly the whole day during my visit.

The resort's hotel room
The resort's spacious hotel balcony

Magnetic Natural Beauty

At the resort, I witnessed a beautiful rainbow that seemed to be unperturbed by the constant mountainside drizzle. Seeing its vibrance signalled the intense colors of nature at the well-manicured premises even under muted sky. No wonder the place is a favorite recommendation by professional wedding planners for couples who want to embrace forever together. Timelessness of the outdoors was palpable at its grand poolside where two spring water pools enhance the rolling terrain.

Reliable Amenities

Momarco Resort’s charm goes beyond its obvious banner amenities. A close inspection via a stroll enabled me to see a tennis and basketball court, a mini-zoo and koi pond, an indoor sports hall for billiards, table tennis and darts, plus an events place. It’s ideal for recreational activities by large groups or as a romantic getaway by couples.

Bacon-wrapped Chicken (left) and Pork Loin with Cream Cheese (right)
Herbed Tilapia Fillet (bottom left) and Chicken Parmigiana (right)

Classy Casita and Hotel Stays

I had the chance to experience a private middle-of-the-forest stay at one of its modern-designed Casitas and a luxurious accommodation at its newly-built hotel.

The high ceiling of its Casita proved to be helpful in making me relaxed after less than two hours of van commute and tricycle ride from Mandaluyong City’s Starmall and the Tanay Public Market, respectively. It was spacious to move around in and its pastel-colored walls complemented the rest of the low-key pristine white room. It was actually a pleasant surprise walking inside because the exteriors looked flamboyant to the dismay of my companion. I, however, loved it inside and out.

The hotel features also surprised me in a good way because I was not expecting such luxury to be available in the highly vegetated property. The spacious room has a balcony and played on subdued lighting. It was complete with nifty necessities such as plush towels and decent room slippers that others might consider to be frills in the middle of nowhere.

American Breakfast at the resort restaurant
The Casita area
Basketball court (top left); Tennis court (top right); Hotel facade (bottom left); Swimming pool (bottom right)

More Spaces

From my booked Casita, I spotted the so-called Bahay Ni Inday, a villa that can accommodate a dozen of guests. I was told by a front desk officer that groups of 20 people can be booked at the resort’s dorm or barracks-type space.

Memorable Meals

My stay was made remarkable with memorable meals at the resort’s restaurant that’s located below the hotel floors. The set of sweet potatoes that was served with orders of Chunky Chicken Pineapple Sandwich and Clubhouse Sandwich overwhelmed my palate. It was so satisfying for merienda that I liked it more than the main orders!

The hotel facade (second floor); front desk (ground floor)
Spring water pool
Chunky Pineapple Chicken Sandwich with sweet potatoes (top left); Front desk (bottom left); Restaurant (right)

I also found my other meals of Bacon-wrapped Chicken (fillet with rosemary sauce), Pork Loin with Cream Cheese, Chicken Parmigiana (tender chicken breast with tomato concasse and topped with melted cheese) and Herbed Tilapia Fillet to be as satisfying as my afternoon snacks. Interestingly, those kitchen specialties are also the same favorites in special events that are scheduled at the resort. My 3-day accommodation came with servings of complimentary breakfast.

I hope to return to Momarco Resort and experience its sports facility with friends. Maybe a day tour (8:00am to 5:00pm) will suffice for my revisit. Maybe another 3-day stay will. What I’m certain of is the constant allure of Tanay and its pastoral landscape which made my quick escape worthwhile.  

Hotel room (left); Filipino Breakfast (top right); Hamburger (bottom right)
Casita exterior (left) and interiors (right)
Momarco Resort

Address: Sitio Bathala, Barangay Plaza Aldea, Tanay, Rizal, Philippines
Phone: 0927-822-9865 or 0918-942-9873
Manila Contact Information
Phone: (02) 474-0912 or 0917-851-3623 or 0928-559-5306

Daraitan River

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More Photos Below:

The resort Casita

Hotel bathroom
Hotel room balcony
Bahay Ni Inday

Spring water pool (man-made lagoon)
The resort Casita
The hotel room


  1. Excellent review! I'm planning an overnight stay here, too with some friends :) nice to see room interiors from an actual guest! I can't believe you didn't try their bike park/trails. That's what we're planning to do on our trip.

    1. Thanks. I guess my length of stay was not enough. My Daraitan River trek alone consumed my 2nd day itinerary. I hope to return for the bike trail. I did miss testing that.

  2. How can someone get there??????

    1. The resort is accessible from the Tanay Public Market where you can hire a passenger jeepney or tricycle.

  3. If tricycle from tanay market to momarco.. how much will it be??

    1. You will need to haggle or bargain with the tricycle driver. To put it safe, it will cost you more than P200 one-way from the Tanay public market to Momarco Resort. I remember dishing out a bit more than that coz I was touring with somebody.

  4. I just love your review! as well at your cover/header photo :))

  5. Awesome blog. Very informative, most especially the accommodation part. Just a quick question, though, how exactly do you go back to Tanay town proper? Is there like a tricycle waiting outside Momarco? And is there like a 24-hour transpo back to Shaw Blvd. from the town proper?

    My girlfriend and I are planning to go there for our second year anniversary this coming August, so any kind of help would be much appreciated.

    1. I always secure the same ride I use going to a remote place for my way back to where I came from. For that matter, secure the mobile # of the tricycle driver you will take from the Tanay public market so that he will fetch you upon check-out. Or you can advise front desk to get you one. The resort also has a shuttle service which you can avail at the front desk for your convenience. This is coz the way from the resort gate to the highway is a long hike. At the highway, though, you can hail a tricycle back to Tanay public market where you can board any jeepney bound for Crossing, Mandaluyong.


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