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Thursday, January 01, 2015



With Metro Manila's decadence comes the surge in the high cost of products and services. It's impossible not to take a taxi cab because of the painful heavy traffic when you're hungry for a decent meal. And when you've finally settled on a dining venue, there's a chance that you might find the pricing of dishes offensive. You stare on the menu like every item is going to rob you of your wallet's cash.

The Meat of Pepe

Starved for something ridiculously delicious but affordable, I mulled about such dilemma one sunny afternoon. Staring at the menu board of a street-oriented burger joint called Pepe's Meat (PM), I was tossed in a good mood. I saw selections that were right off the lips of some tabloid gossip fodder. With flavors like Burga, NKKLK (another way of stating nakakaloka in Tagalog or crazed in English), and Borta, the joint was clearly posturing itself in the corner of Quezon City's busy Kamuning Road as a unique stall for street-oriented burger flavors. The business name itself is enough to make you take a second look as it's a play on the name of Pinoy rock icon, Pepe Smith.

Revelations of Patricia

Patricia, a young entrepreneur and a University of the Philippines graduate, showed me the unpretentious spectacle of how a basic Pepe's Meat burger called Burga is prepared. She recently worked for an advertising agency but the short stint allowed her to see the possibility of venturing into her young professional life on her own terms. Soon, she was tossing all beef patties on her charcoal grill setup and smelling the sweet start-up success in her humble Erestain Street stall. The chief reason for the avalanche of attention from neighboring residents, students, and middle-class professionals is the fact that a Burga can only set them back for P60! Ordering one can make those pricey gourmet burgers in high-end restaurants pretty jealous.

She shared that the soft bun is one of the other reason why her patrons love PM's burgers and I truly agree with her because a bite off of her NKKLK burger flavor showed such consistency. This selection is aptly dubbed as such because one patty is simply not enough. With its two-beef patty, cheese, tomatoes, onions, green ice, ketchup, mayo and mustard number, the taste can get crazy-delicious. And the tasty result costs P100 only.

Burger Bite Partner

That same afternoon, I tagged along fellow blogger Glenn Tabajeros of for the experience of tasting Pepe's Meat. He expressed delight in the fact that the patty was strongly flavored with pepper.

If there's one simple pleasure to be had in Quezon City, it's Pepe's Meat. There's no point getting stuck in the heavy EDSA traffic. Take the detour to Kamuning and order your own Burga and more.

Pepe's Meat

Official Facebook fan page

Address: #82 Kamuning Road corner J. Erestain Street, Kamuning, Quezon City, Philippines
Hours of Operation: 1:00pm - 7:00pm

With Patricia of Pepe's Meat and Glen of Wickedmouth


  1. The burger patty meat close up looks weird. extenders?

    1. It's the first application of BBQ sauce.

  2. one of the best burgers i tasted.


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