Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday, January 05, 2015

Crystalline surf. Seductive landscape. Kooky tropical drinks and international cuisine. Boracay is an island in the Philippines that's known by many local and foreign tourists to be bereft of travel listlessness. The moment you feel the warm sunshine set against the fine, powdery sand of the island's White Beach, bliss kicks in. You find a spot to read a good book and life becomes devoid of your past and future. You're only concerned about the delight in beach indulgence that's devoid of tomorrow's trappings.

Essential Beachfront Hotel

At the triple A-accredited Ambassador In Paradise, Station 1 is left with a lasting impression that paradise can be had in many ways that only a five-star quality hotel-resort of its caliber can offer. It's just one of the top 25 luxury hotels in the Philippines in 2013 according to TripAdvisor, making it a sought-after destination within a destination.

Executive Ocean View and More

I happened to have recently booked an Executive Ocean View which is one of the most spacious rooms at the hotel. It offered me and my contributing photographer a panoramic balcony and a glimpse of the beachfront that was seductively fenced by rows of towering coconut trees. I appreciated the fabulous welcome drinks, flat screen TV, fancy shell-stringed welcome necklace, in-room safe, bathrobe and in-room slippers, plus access to free Wi-Fi.

Exciting Amenities

My photographer, who's a health buff, was clearly giddy over the prospect of using the fitness gym and sports bar. I, however, gravitated towards using the guest-exclusive blackberry one too many times during my stay as it allowed me to conveniently call the front desk for various needs such as having a pair of khakis sent for pressing and an inquiry about my chartered shuttle ride after check-out the next day. The front desk officer coordinated such needs with the hotel staff after each phone call I made from the most remote areas in the sprawling 60-appointed room property. The bespoke luxury was amazing!

Impressive Features

I would later find out that the other room types at the hotel were also impressive in features. I learned that the Premier Ocean View has a jacuzzi which appealed to my spa sensibilities. And the Family Room actually has an inventive bed frame that allows for an upper deck sleeping quarter atop each of the couple of king-sized beds. The design can accommodate six people as a result. As for couples who are on romance mode regardless of relationship status, the sun deck-styled Casita will work just fine with natural light, making the room airy and light in ambiance.

I contemplated over using the game room which was operational as early as six in the morning, but ditched it instead for a simple beachfront moment of picture-taking and lounging at the comfy recliners. The waters were so clear that I spotted a fish by merely staring at the surface. The sand area at the beachfront at Station 1 is highly regarded for being expansive unlike in the other parts of Boracay's White Beach and I witnessed it for myself.

Bespoke Luxury

I absolutely adored the extended effort of the hotel to send me a weather forecast in print for my second day of stay via a fond letter. It was delivered straight to my booked room just before dinner time.

Having spotted other guests, mostly foreigners, who made use of the Ambassador In Paradise' electric and solar cars, I got inspired to request for a ride in one of those to a distant restaurant where I had dinner with my contributing photographer outside of the hotel.

Al Fresco Dining

Breakfast at the hotel's F&B facility was also a delight since my booked room was inclusive of access to a mini-buffet breakfast station. Since there was also an option to order a la carte, I also ordered straight from the menu. The al fresco ambiance complemented the sand under my feet. The charming restaurant, I found out, also offers a panoply of a la carte choices on a daily basis.

Check Out In Style

As surely as I entered the hotel with a refreshing welcome drink and shell-stringed neck lace, I also checked out with the staff lining up at the short steps of the high-ceiling lobby to wave their warm goodbyes. Not even Metro Manila hotels do that anymore.

There is nothing low key at Ambassador In Paradise except for one's mood. A lot of essential details in luxury accommodation were celebrated during my stay to the point of excitement. My face showed the effect of a relaxed countenance as I got used to smiling most of the time in Boracay. If there was something that's supposed to be written about the hotel, it's the spontaneous experience of each guest. No hyped illusions. Just the guest, the beach, and the the spontaneous itinerary.

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Photography by Josua Chan and Karl Ace

Ambassador In Paradise

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Address: Beachfront of White Beach, Station 1, Boracay Island, Balabag, Malay, Aklan, Philippines 5608
Phone: (63) (36) 288-1541 to 1542
Reservations: (63) (36) 288-5598

Manila Sales Office:
Phone: (+63-2) 887-1770

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  1. I salivated over staying at Ambassador In Paradise when I first visited Boracay 3 years ago. I was glad I finally pursued with the idea.

  2. Fantastic! After seeing your post, it made me conclude that Boracay is not just about the resorts and beaches, but the place is also about the property and affordable Boracay houses.


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