Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday, December 02, 2014
Sizzling Bulalo at Mariscos De Capiz

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Roxas City is considered to be the main gateway to the province of Capiz, making anything progressive easy to be had in the area. What's futuristic for the rest of the province can already be a fad at the city center. It makes sense that new sensibilities reflect the taste of locals where seafood trip tourism is the stellar experience. This trickles down to other aspects of daily living from wellness to dining out.

For my 4-day "I Love Capiz!" Blog Series Tour, I had the intrepid pursuit to find out what's fascinating to experience in Roxas City at night. I already had my daytime tour mapped out from the first to the last day. It was my nocturnal schedule that was potentially becoming languid. I simply couldn't spend my first night at the city locked up inside my hotel room at Roxas President's Inn. I had to act fast.

Roxas City Plaza
Pecho at RML Manokan Haus
ACC Coffee & Crepe Function Room

Mariscos De Capiz

After a delicious bout with sweet and savory crepes at ACC Coffee & Crepe at Pueblo De Panay for late lunch, I had a power nap at the hotel. Right after sunset, I was out and getting bedazzled by numerous pieces of capiz shells at Mariscos De Capiz for dinner. The massive chandelier was inventive in that it did not only hung in prominent spaces of the restaurant ceiling. It was occupying most of what can be seen looking up from one's dining table. The sight was truly fascinating.

Mariscos De Capiz is located at the Capiz Government and Business Center. It offers modern Asian cuisine. Living up to its Spanish name that means seafood, it specializes in delights that the city's coast can offer. As proof, I had Garlic Butter Shrimp and Cagaray Clamb In Ginger for dinner. It came with a surprising medley of meat heavyweights like the Binagoongang Bagnet (almost intoxicating to the taste) and Sizzling Bulalo which I tasted for the first time. A divine dinner under capiz shells can only be had there when you're in Roxas City.

Sherbet at ACC Coffee & Crepe
The City Plaza By Night

After dinner, I made a quick stopover at the city plaza before I retired for the night. I felt I needed to see how well-lit the city center was at night and I was not disappointed. I felt safe 560 miles away from my home in Metro Manila.

ACC Coffee & Crepe

My second night had me heading to Pavia Street past the Roxas City Bridge from the city plaza. It was where I had dinner for a discovery of where formal and intimate occasions can be held at the city center -- at ACC Coffee & Crepe. The coffee shop and creperie may not look that big from the outside, but it actually houses an extended space for special functions. It was where Roxas City's Dr. Victor Federico Acepcion first entertained fellow medical practitioners and it is still where most locals of the city hie off to for a cup of sublime caffè latte and cappuccino.

Mariscos De Capiz
EmTech Wellness Philippines
Garlilc Butter Shrimpt at Mariscos De Capiz
With Dr. Victor Acepcion at EmTech Wellness Philippines

That night, my gracious host who recently toured France for business and pleasure arranged a special dinner for me that started with a glass of French wine and ended with soothing scoops of sherbet. In between, I sampled a plate of salad and other treats. For being successful, the restaurant's second branch has emerged at the nearby Robinsons Place. Read my review of it here.

EmTech Wellness Philippines

Known by Pip by his family and close friends, Dr. Acepcion was also able to show me his new wellness-oriented facility called EmTech. Based at the progressive Pueblo De Panay, EmTech operates in providing essential technology to treatment of human conditions with the use of its 4-in-1 Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT). Looking like a hybrid of a spa and clinic, the facility boasts of having enhanced healthy living among members that undergo the service. Although local patrons can troop to it as early as when the mall opens, a visitor's tired body can find solace at EmTech after a long day of touring the city... a healthier alternative to the usual night cap. The facility is groundbreaking in that it's the first in the Philippines to have one after being successful with banner operations in Singapore and other Asian countries.

Kamayan at RML Manokan Haus
RML Manokan Haus

My third night at the city had me visit Baybay Beach's RML Manokan Haus as recommended by the city's LGU head, Dino Altobano. I did not expect the city to be also famous for its own take on grilled chicken. The pecho (chicken breast) I tore into was both filling and savory. The grilled meat had just enough char to relay a smoky undertone. I especially loved how moist it was. What's more, it could easily break apart with an effortless jab of a fork. However, I had it the traditional "kamayan" way of dining at the by-the-bay restaurant. It was also the site where I marveled at the vivid view of the moon after dinner.

All in all, my nights at Roxas City proved to be as satiating as my daytime tours.

Photography by Josua Chan and Karl Ace

At Roxas President's Inn
Mariscos De Capiz
Address: Capiz Government and Business Center, Roxas, Capiz, Philippines 5800
Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday, 9:00am - 11:00pm
Phone: (+36) 620-0030
Email: mariscosdecapiz@yahoo.com

ACC Coffee & Crepe
Address: 5800 Pavia St., Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines 5800
Operating Hours: 10:00am - 10:00pm
Phone: (+36) 621-3447
With Dino Altobano and Edna Agustin

EmTech Wellness Philippines
Official Website
Address: 2/F Robinsons Place, Immaculate Concepcion Avenue, Pueblo De Panay, Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines 5800

RML Manokan Haus
Address: Baybay, Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines 5800
Phone: (+36) 621-0322
Email: jopebuncalan@yahoo.com

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