Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday, December 28, 2014

At the Segway PT training track




There's always a destination that's worth revisiting countless of times. You won't get easily tired of a location especially if the town, city or island is an area that needs to be covered for more than a day or so. The perks of traveling more than once to a sweet spot are a lot. There's the pleasure of discovering a native cuisine that you failed to sample the first time. There can also be more than one way to cover the vast expanse of a beach or a barangay's long and winding roads.

The case is true with my revisit of Boracay where I recently toured aboard the easy-peasy ride of a Segway Personal Transporter (PT). Having been bed-ridden at the hospital just a few months ago and fearing of not being able to walk again, I jumped on the chance to experience the island roving the green (non-gas) scooter without pushing my lower limbs to their limits. It was time to have fun after being hospitalized early this year.

Mount Luho Road view
At the viewing deck of Mount Luho
The key that controls the power of the electric vehicle

No-Barrier Ride

The electric vehicle allowed me to cover a great distance that a walk would normally prevent me to do. It also gave me a breezy and carefree ambiance of an adventure without the barriers of a usual coaster or tricycle ride. All I had to do while aboard the Segway PT was conveniently take a gander at everything that the scenery would show. I also easily made quick glances behind me without falling off. It's that safe once you undergo the 15-minute first ride inside the Zetro ATV and Buggy Car Adventures site where the adventure ride service is located.

Learning how to ride the personal transporter at the training track
How To Ride With Ease

With instructions from my assigned spotter, I breezed through the quick training session. All I had to do was lean forward to make it move and lean back on a straight standing position (with an essential gap between my body and the leansteer frame or handle bar) to make it slow down or stop. To veer to the left and right, I simply had to slowly pivot the handlebar to the side in the direction that I wanted to turn. The vehicle rotated that well making me turn in place whenever I wanted it. I just had to keep a firm grip on the handlebar with my legs loose and knees and elbows bent. Any rider of any age can maintain balance over flat and rough terrain if instructions were followed.

Segway-ing To Mount Luho

The assigned spotter led me and my contributing photographer through the long and winding Mount Luho road to reach the mountain peak named after it. Along the way, I was also able to make quick stops for impromptu picture-taking as there were a lot of scenic views leading to Mount Luho. It was there where I viewed the panorama of Boracay which is not normally visible from White Beach or Diniwid Beach. The view was breathtaking on the viewing deck! It was there where I appreciated the striking blue waters of the island.

The spectacular view from Mount Luho
Testing slowing down along Mount Luho Road
Lingered at the view deck of Mount Luho for a few minutes
At the training track

There was an annoying patch of construction going on from a distance which spoiled the verdant landscape but the rest of the view was spectacular. I thanked God that there's still a lot of trees in the island. I hope this persists in the years to come.

Thank You, Dean Kamen

I can also thank American college dropout Dean Kamen for inventing the cool ride. There has not been any great and revolutionary leap in automobile technology in recent years until the Segway PT came along. The 52-year old multi-millionaire has invented the major leap in how people travel and it isn’t about flying. The vehicle doesn't use brakes. It originally ran on 12 mph. The entrepreneur and inventor's formula for success is clearly embedded on the Segway PT. He simply has faith in machines and their ability to solve the world's problems.

Track Choices

For an experience of the Segway PT, guests in the island can choose from a variety of tracks that range from a 30-minute starter to an hour leading to the nearby Zorb Ride. There are also long tracks that include a ride from the starting point to Mount Luho (1 hour) or to the zipline ride (more than an hour). One can also try the Zetro site-to-Bolabog Beach track (more than an hour) or the Sinagpa Beach to Bolabog Beach track (2 hours).

Still thinking of making that quiet stroll at the beach in Boracay? That's still possible. An adventure ride aboard the Segway PT is a great alternative. Rain or shine, the experience is a go!

Watch my training video below:

Watch my exciting ride of the Segway PT along Mount Luho Road below:

Photography by Josua Chan and Karl Ace

Segway Tours Philippines

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Address: 1232 U.N. Ave. Paco, Manila, Philippines 1007
Phone: (02) 523-1856

More Photos Below:

Koreans at Mount Luho


  1. super enjoy yan! miss ko na mag segway! next time sa Manila naman tayo! :)

  2. Your photos on your way to Boracay's Mt. Luho are so awesome... :)


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