Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014



When was the last time you lingered over lunch with well crafted menus? Or reveled in the liberating sensation of sea breeze touching your skin? Bespoke luxury or not, the need to escape from one's urban pursuits can only be satiated according to one's terms. The only challenge is boarding a plane to and from one's ethereal destination that's tucked away in some isolated island.

Far from the frenzied hype of most beach resort spots, escapism's utopian aspirations come to rest 73 miles south of Metro Manila and less than an hour away from the Batangas Port. There, the first class municipality of Mabini strikes that rarest balances between procrastinating and being online. Someone with business acumen saw it fit to raise the standards of experiencing an accessible getaway. Soon, a sad pebbled beachfront was transformed into Anilao Tanlak Beach Resort that caters to guests with discriminating taste for exoticism and quick getaways. Many previous guests can testify to the wow factor upon entering the unpretentious entrance. They did not expect to see such a charming pocket of paradise in the coastal town. And they have to be right because the resort just opened last December of 2013.

Daniel Room
Lechon Paksiw lunch

Accessible and Relevant

Decadent Manila is less than two hours away from Anilao Tanlak Beach Resort via a bus ride of Alps (with an hour of jeepney ride from the Batangas City Bus Terminal and five minutes more aboard a tricycle) or by private car. It stands out from its neighboring establishments for being a patch of relaxation by channeling the rustic timelessness of the iconic tanlak. The native grass which grows up to 15 feet long intricately adorns the resort in numerous ways from serving as window blinds to being wall accents. It was just natural for the place to embody the name.

Delicious Dining Experience

My overnight stay at one of its three so-called Maruja rooms was also an experience of a complimentary breakfast, welcome drinks, access to the swimming pool and common areas, resort Wi-Fi and overflowing kapeng barako, a potent coffee variety in Batangas. Food can be conveniently had at its restaurant facility with a plethora of gustatory choices. For lunch, I had a delicious lechon paksiw (roasted suckling pig stew) which I paired with a refreshing glass of mango shake. For dinner, I had a cordon bleu salad. Breakfast the next morning was equally impressive with a plate of longganisa and sunny-side up.

Sea view veranda
Fancy stairway to the upper floor's quaint garden
Maruja Room

Room Choices

Most coveted at the resort is the Daniel room being a sea view and poolside crib. Room rates for double occupancy range from P4,500 to P5,500 while family rooms can set you back anywhere between P6,500 and P8,500. The Barkada Room can accommodate at least 10 guests for P10,000 while an air-conditioned kubo can be rented for an overnight stay at P2,500++. For those visiting during the day, Day Tour starts at 8:00am and ends at 5:00pm. Guests can rent modern-styled cabanas that are next to the swimming pool.

Kayaking and More

Ocean kayaks can also be rented at the resort since the tranquil shoreline of Mabini allows for fun and easy maneuvering of the canoe-styled boat. My favorite activity during my stay was doing nothing, a procrastinator's bliss. For lovely views of both sunset and sunrise, I rested in one of the fancy recliners and had power naps being serenaded by the soothing sound of gentle waves.

Stylish poolside restrooms

Fulfilled Relaxation

Looking good is part of Anilao Tanlak Beach Resort's charisma and guests certainly imbibe the credo. I did. There's certainly no price tag to making fond memories. I went back home to Manila refreshed and I did not have to suffer the grueling vehicular traffic within the NCR region just to satiate my need to relax.

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Anilao Tanlak Beach Resort

Book your stay.

Address: San Jose, 4202 Mabini, Batangas, Philippines 4202
Phone: (043) 410-1846
0925-622-0502 (Sun)
0917-850-6621 (Globe)
0928-421-1294 (Smart)
Email: tanlak.resort

More Photos Below:

Common restrooms next to the upper floor courtyard

The resort bar and entertainment area

Cordon Bleu Salad Dinner

Maruja Room


  1. Thanks for ur very helpful blogs! It really made me decide to choose this resort for our family outing come this end of the month. Such a great blogger! :)

  2. Nice blog! Is the airconditioned kubo can accommodate 4 pax? Is the P2,500 per person or is it the charge for the whole kubo itself?

    1. The P2.5k kubo is good for 4 persons. There's another kubo that's good for 6 persons for P3.5k. Starting March 1, 2015, rates have gone up a thousand pesos more I think. Kindly call (043) 410-1846 to verify.

  3. Can you do snorkeling here. I'm assuming since its in Mabini. Thanks! :)

    1. I think you can but not exactly at the beachfront. You might need to ride a boat and be taken to a more snorkeling-friendly spot nearby.

  4. hi sir do you have any package deal promo like for 2 or 3days?

  5. Hello,what if i want to stay overnight?for a couole only. What room will you offer and how much per night?thankyou..

  6. What is your latest deal?


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