Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

A wall with a Tes Pasola paper art

An oasis from the urban decay of Metro Manila is Makati City's Ayala Museum. The artistic spot may seem listless to the general public that scoffs at art as decadence and culture as an unnecessary opulence. The museum actually breathes life into the city's enclave that boasts of cosmopolitan sensibilities, including having a taste for a stylish breakfast that can be had next door... via Museum Cafe.

Seamless Art and Culture

The Museum Cafe does not fall far from its Raintree Group of Restaurant family. It consistently affirms a pleasurable social and gustatory experience regardless of brand and location. At this dining venue, art seems to be seamlessly embraced from the walls that showcase the paper art of fellow University of Santo Tomas graduate and artist, Tes Pasola, to the simple cutlery. The dining venue was designed by Budji Layug and Royal Pineda.


Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

Modern Asian Cuisine

Also known as M Cafe, the place is a combined cafe and restaurant. It's where sensible business is exchanged over home-cooked meals, mostly of modern Asian cuisine. Patrons never get tired of its Canadian tenderloin, homemade sushi and dim sum, Spanish deli meats, fresh country bread, Norwegian smoked salmon, waffles and toasts, plus signature cakes, among others.

Relaxing Breakfast 

My visit of the restaurant was for breakfast with a group of bloggers headed by Will Garcia of Will Explore Philippines. For starters, I had the waffle and pancake which I hoped to be a good rival to the version of another restaurant that has become my favorite any time of the day. To my surprise, it was served with more than just maple syrup and butter. It also came with peanut butter and a generous topping of ripe mango and watermelon, plus the crisp type of apple called Granny Smith that takes longer to go brown after being sliced. The resulting plate was a burst of colors, something that kids who hate waking up can enjoy for an early Makati City snack.

Jamon Excellente Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict Medley

I had the unfortunate moment to miss the Jamon Excellente (an eggs benedict) being served at its untouched glory. By the time I saw it, the poached eggs were off the cured ham! Oh well... Christmas is coming up just a few weeks from now so I'll have my chance to delight on both come Noche Buena. Fortunately, though, I got to my plate of Smoked Salmon eggs benedict just in time. Both were served with Hollandaise arugula and grilled cherry tomato and can be ordered as M Benedict from the menu. The idea of replacing pork with salmon lightened up the dish a bit which was perfect for my pleasant morning.

Omelette Station
Hainan Chicken Noodles
Anise Scented Beef Congee

Congee For My Morning Wellness

I was not expecting congee that morning but there it was. Called the Anise Scented Beef Congee, the rice porridge did not lure me scent-wise. I scrambled my way onto the table spot where it was to scoop a bowl for myself as I just came from a 6-day bout with cough and colds after my tour of Roxas City. I was hoping that its herbal component can induce productive cough to lighten it eventually. Anise was also good for my runny nose. I may not have appreciated it being a flavorful agent to the congee but I hoped it served me well health-wise.

"I was not expecting congee that morning but there it was."

Other treats were also served like the Hainan Chicken Noodles and Crispy Prawn Dumplings. I also had the chance to order a customized omelette from the omelette station.

Side Trip From The Ayala Triangle

With the highly vegetated Ayala Triangle being well lit for the holidays this month, a side trip to the Makati Avenue corner of Museum Cafe is probably the last tourist-y thing you can do, but it's worth the stroll because the business district is quite pedestrian-friendly. I found it to be true as I was once its corporate minion five years ago.


This December, check out the gift voucher promo of Raintree Group on Facebook. For bubbly escapes, you can rendezvous with a business partner or loved one over drinks every Sunday from 10:00am to 3:00pm for less than P500 per person.

Museum Cafe

Official website of Museum Cafe

Address: Ayala Museum Complex, Makati Avenue corner Dela Rosa St., Makati City, Philippines 1200
Phone: +632-757-3000 or +632-757-6000 or +632-391-4197


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