Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

T E S T E D   B Y   T U R I S T A   T R A I L S

The blogosphere is vast. It's like staring into the night sky and being made to choose which star you'd like to point to. You can view a distinctive one, but suddenly another one magically appears after seemingly escaping your gaze. Sometimes a meteor gets your attention but only as far as its shooting star phase.

Blogs in the blogging community are like that. There are distinct ones that endure your fancy. There are those that you discover to grow on you the more you visit them. Sometimes there are also blogs that pop out of the glut only to fizzle out because you discover them to be lackluster. They may have high visitor traffic, but the content quality is awfully needing improvement.

I started out as a personal and dining out blogger five years ago. It was only in 2012 when I decided to create a travel blog called Turista Trails. It's now a nice blend of my point of views in life that are based on travels, including snacking along the way.

In my five years of blog-hopping or visiting blogs other than my own, I've grown enamored for a handful of quality content that I consider as "essentially visit-worthy." They certainly are not the shooting star type of blogs that I came to discover as having irritating flaws. They've managed to endure the tests of time and trends with articles and images that complement each other to form their respective brands. With great resolve not to be stuck in a rut of personal hang-ups, these blogs have managed to inspire me to do the same. Far from the mediocre writing and photography of a great number of blogs online, these five content marvels stand out for me as deserving a peek on a weekly basis, sometimes even daily. For having insightful, creatively written, and well-researched articles that enhance originally produced images, these are my five essentially visit-worthy blogs:

Lakad Pilipinas
More than being relevant, this blog manages to define its own spectrum and effectively steer its readers to its direction with well-written pieces and stunning photography. I'm more amazed by the author's discipline in consistently having correct grammar and the photographer's range of visual composition rather than the creative writing and photography effects, respectively. Simply put, Christian doesn't give a damn what others think. He does, however, mind what he publishes online. And the result is far from being pedestrian.

Inspiration begets inspiration. A visit of this blog has inevitably invited me to visit where the author and photographer was and experience what he went through. Case in point: the blog's Albay series. Marcos minces his points of views just enough with evocative articles and images that lured me to make a trail on my own.

For a semblance of reality that does not hype nor unnecessarily provoke, this blog's elements are cohesive. Like a fine line on a delicate tissue paper, it scratches the surface just enough to let me glimpse what can be seen. Far from the personality of the author who I know to be oftentimes expressive online via Facebook (and he can as it's his personal account anyway), Estan's blog version is subtle as Picasso is at a nudist beach. It's there. It doesn't yelp for accolades, but it's worth anybody's attention, even those of haters. Restraint is art regardless of the beholder.

Dude For Food 
I seriously check out this blog whenever I'd be with its author and photographer in the same event only because I'm interested in what he has to say and show. Gerry was once apologetic to me for being old-school about performing online duties and he's at a fitting age to be so. However, his online output is certainly more than of press release value compared to younger colleagues. He has managed to be consistent with his brand of writing and photography. Put him in a lineup of foodies and I can spot him as the only genuine one in a heartbeat.

Pinoy Adventurista
High-traffic blogs are a dime a dozen. There are actually recognition lists that count down such portals. This blog usually is in every one of them. A quick browse of some of those competing blogs in the various lists led me to see habitual grammatical errors and incidences of identity crisis that can only come from having no focus. Visitor traffic is just one aspect of Mervin's blog though. With other blogs, it's basically the only aspect they have. With this one, the text and image content doesn't rest on such laurels. If there's a blog that deserves a compilation of sorts on paper, this one deserves it for being well-rounded.

I prefer great quality over mediocre content and this list reflects that sensibility.


  1. hey Karl, thanks for including me on your list! Appreciate it buddy!

  2. We have the same taste, these are my favorite blogs too. :) I like extensive, in-depth, and very "personal" writing. Of course, great photos are a plus, but the above blogs do not distract readers with their photos and steer them away from the words. I'm a "words over photos" type of consumer. :p

  3. Wow naman! Salamat sa pagsama sa blog ko! Ang titindi ng mga kahilera, pang "I'm not worthy" moment haha :D


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