Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday, November 08, 2014

H O T E L   S T A Y

Y O U   C A N


Numerous luxury hotels dot the Manila landscape, especially the strip next to the tourist-friendly Manila Bay. The area that's recently having progressive developments close to it is the vast expanse of Aseana City, just a walking distance away from amusement centers like Mall of Asia and Blue Bay. At the planned landscaped green city, modern living that responds to comfort, luxury and security is envisioned to be fulfilled in a few years. As early as this year, however, the presence of the newly-opened Tune Hotel-Aseana sets the pace for what's to come.

3-Day Crib

Tune Hotel-Aseana was my three-day crib for my food-tasting of healthy treats at the Blue Bay-based restaurant, The Ostrich Farm. Just a 5-minute ride away via private car or a Macapagal Avenue-plying jeepney ride, Blue Bay is where residents of Paranaque and Pasay City hie off for an alternative dining experience of Mall of Asia as the former sits closer to Roxas Boulevard. Conveniently standing along Bradco Avenue that's near the busy Aseana Power Station junction, the hotel is also a stroll away from convenience stores, fast food joints, and an airline ticket hub that will soon open before the year ends.

Aseana City

The location of the hotel is touted to banner the presence of modern homes, offices, malls, hotels, a casino and a yacht club. The 204-hectare property is deemed to exude sustainable living in Metro Manila.

Food-tasting Hotel Base

My itinerary could have been as simple as a visit of Mall of Asia or a glimpse of the wonderful Manila Bay sunset at the By The Bay Amusement Park, but Blue Bay had me change my mind. It's a lot closer, with less crowd, and it has an interesting restaurant that serves healthy ostrich meat for burgers, salpicao, and pasta! I had to head to The Ostrich Farm for it on my second day of stay at Tune Hotel-Aseana so that the whole day would be nothing but a tummy-fied getaway. For my first night at the hotel, I dined at the Power Station-based McDonald's. As for breakfast, it was Jollibee for me as it's conveniently located in the same block as the hotel.

Strong Room Wi-Fi

I was quite satisfied with the strong room Wi-Fi as I was able to promote on Instagram shots that I took of my delicious Ostrich Farm burger. I was also able to update my blog, other social media accounts, and correspond with business contacts via email with ease.

Wall-Mounted Folding Table

Tune Hotel rooms may not immediately appeal to guests who are on business, but its well-designed wall-mounted folding table that's next to the bed makes up for the lack of a conventional desk. Besides, one's business these days is not as conventional as it was in the '80s and '90s.

Reliable Amenities

I've noticed a lot of foreign guests at the 200-room hotel during my stay. And, rightly so, the establishment is the closest value hotel from the airport that combines the necessary convenience of 5 star amenities with affordable rates that appeal to a lot of backpackers, tourists on long-term stays, and locals who are on a budget. Guests are allowed the amenities of access to the parking area for vehicles, the use of an in-room hair dryer, and the assurance of 24-hour security that's apparent with the booked room's keycard which guests can exclusively use to tap in at the elevator for access to one's room.

Easy-peasy Shower

As with all my previous stays in other Tune Hotels in the Philippines, the quality of facilities at the Aseana City branch was consistent. The bed and pillows were truly plush and comfortable to sleep on. The rainshower feature of the bathroom was topnotch. With the simple and easy nudge of the shower handle, the right water temperature is determined unlike in other hotels where I've stayed in the past where it was difficult to use the shower handle. Worse, there were bathrooms that could only supply extremely hot and extremely cold water and nothing in between. With Tune Hotels, the experience of having my lukewarm water bath is always reliable!

The best thing to experience at a Tune Hotel? The relaxing morning after the snooze. No buffet breakfast deadline to beat. One can always wake up as late as one wishes.

Tune Hotel-Aseana City

Official website of Tune Hotel-Aseana City

Address: Lot 38 Block 2, Bradco Avenue, Aseana City, Paranaque City 1700, Philippines
Phone: (+632) 866-0888

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