Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday, November 06, 2014



A N D   M O R E

You know the soul of a location when a surfer souvenir store is closer to the beach than the church. Covering a portion of the 328-kilometer coast of Aurora, Baler is known these days as a surfer's paradise, hence, the landscape. Everybody who goes to the town's Sabang Beach, is almost instantly expected to try surfing. Tourists, as a result, go home being newbies, christened at the vast expanse of gray sand.

During my visit of Baler, I tried to go strolling along the beach and spotted sunbathers aside from surfing enthusiasts. One would think that no one does the sport with a shirt on, and most are shirtless at the beach, but at the end of the day, a visitor will always have to buy a souvenir shirt. What's my choice spot of Baler souvenirs aside from my booked accommodation at Costa Pacifica? It's Discover Baler Souvenir Store.

Novice or seasoned surfers can have a stoked moment of the wardrobe kind at Discover Baler Souvenir Store where the clothing line called "I Surf Baler" is showcased. Mine was seeing a cool gray-colored shirt with a nifty print that banners the town's name. Simple but sleek at the same time. Designs are as varied as the colors of the shirts are at the store. There's something cool for both girls and guys. There's even a limited edition hoodie for those who love to catch the early sunrise at the beach. And since the town is starting to become a hit among family vacationers with the advent of Skyjet Airlines flights, cool kiddie shirts can also be had at the store for an introductory price of no more than P300!

There's no chance missing on a souvenir whenever you visit a town, city or province. Tested by Turista Trails, you can get your essentials like I did at Discover Baler Souvenir Store.

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Discover Baler Souvenir Store

Official website of Discover Baler Souvenir Store

Address: Quezon St., Brgy. Suklayin, Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Phone: 0920-973-4408

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