Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014



Roxas City is not popular for exciting adventures such as dolphin-watching, ATV rides or mountain climbing. The terrain keeps the focus on seafood and how it's caught, prepared, served and eaten. In my pursuit to find the adrenalin-induced side of the place, I had to get out of the city center and plot my moment of adventure by the coast.

"I Love Capiz!" Blog Series Tour

Talon Adventure Park is where I had the beach-based zipline experience of Roxas City for my 4-day "I Love Capiz!" Blog Series Tour. The beach resort covers a part of Ayagao Beach and is just 15 minutes away from the city plaza. Checked-in at the modern Urban Manor Hotel in Pueblo De Panay, I reached the resort via a tricycle ride from the city market. The scenic views allowed me to appreciate the commute.

More Than A Beach Resort

The 200-hectare property has more than beachfront accommodations. It has a hilltop villa for guests, mountain bike rental and trails, a mini zoo, and an orchid farm. The attraction that I tried for my visit was the 160-meter dual cable zipline. From the beach, the adventure ride looked easy. On top of the launch pad, however, I felt perplexed. I did not realize how daunting the probability of falling onto the seaside rock formation would cost me my life if I fell accidentally. It was what made the ride challenging to commit to -- the rocky base below.

Ready For Zipline

Refreshed by the sea breeze on top of the hill where zipline guests were to be released and, after a few seconds, received at the beach to disembark, I summoned my courage. It was time to have my body geared up to be suspended and be pulley-ready. One strong shove by the two zipline ride staff and off I was! I knew that the experience would be quick so I kept my eyes roving down, left, right and ahead as I tackled the vertical drop. I had to make snapshots with my own eyes to make the short adventure memorable. This was not my first time riding a zipline, but it still felt amazing!


The beach cove of Talon Adventure Park is also good for fishing as I spotted a guest position himself on top of a rock formation for such an activity. The entire place was refreshing to look at as trees of different types dot the landscape. Almost behaving like a lake, the quiet waves on low tide were just enough to show interesting sea shells that jut out of the sand expanse.

Hilltop Experience

I enjoyed lingering at the patch of green next to the hill's cliff where the hilltop villa is located. The weather during my visit was partly cloudy and it was consistently breezy. I could just imagine how more scenic the place was from that vantage point on a sunny day.

The best spot inside the villa would have to be the room view where guests are allowed to see a spectacular view of the expansive Ayagao Beach from their bedroom.

The trees surrounding the villa enhanced the location like it was a fortress that needed to be defended. The charming wooden bench under one tree, however, disarmed the venue of this notion.

Photography by Josua Chan and Karl Ace

Talon Adventure Park

Address: Brgy. Talon, Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines 5800
Phone: (36) 643-1915 and 0948-536-9523

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