Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday, November 03, 2014
Dental Floss Crepe (Savory)

D E L I C A T E 


D E L I G H T S 

Ever since I had a full experience of how pork floss was used in different ways in a Chinese restaurant, I was always on my toes for any treat that has one. It was fate that a couple of friends tagged me along their creperie mission one afternoon. The food trip venue was the dining haven of Barangay Kapitolyo and the snack hub was called Crepeman Cafe.

Crepeman Cafe in Pasig City was opened last July 4 of this year at a more quiet side of the commercial area. Located at a corner of 1st Street and San Rafael Street, the cute snack joint is slowly attracting attention of Filipino foodies with discriminating taste for new stuff that's both filling and tasty.

Porky's Bacon Crepe
Avocado Shake

Known when it was invented by the French as flat cake or cooked pancake, crepes are considered a national dish in France. Conventional crepe flavors are known to have fruit fillings of berries, syrup and variants of cream.

At Crepeman Cafe, a crepe flavor is prepared the traditional way but served in a nifty format like one would do French Fries or Onion Rings -- on a paper cone that's made to stand on a steel cone holder.

During my visit, I was giddy to have seen for myself how one was prepared just a distance away from my dining table. The staff started my crepe flavor order of the so-called Dental Floss Crepe by pouring a thin, liquid batter onto a circular hot plate that's flat. The batter was evenly spread all over the plate's cooking surface by using an offset spatula. The flavor that I went for was savory in category and entailed the server to toss in the mix hefty servings of pork floss, quick-melt cheese, lettuce and egg.

Meat floss, usually used to fill sticky pancakes, egg rolls, rice rolls and sandwiches, are also used as inventive topping for pasta, tofu, rice crackers, baked buns and noodles. The list can be endless. With Crepeman Cafe, crepe has just been added to that list.

Initially tasting shredded and dry, the pork floss' seasoned flavor is enhanced by the crispness of the soft-cooked crepe dough. Easily dissolved by tearing into it along with the other ingredients, the floss was easily gone but not without releasing a wave of different flavors like salty, porky, and sweet. The sensation in the mouth is reflective of the fluff that the filling has which was neither intense nor bland. The texture and taste resulted into a filling snack that I enjoyed for more than 30 minutes (and I thought I'd be able to finish one order in less than 15).

As filling as lunch

My choice of drink was the Avocado Shake which was soothing in a mason jar and a good complement to my savory crepe order. If anything, my segue sip of my friend's flavored drink also enhanced the taste of my crunchy-licious crepe.

The creperie's freshly prepared selections strive to be playful with different flavors without losing the authentic taste of what a crepe should be. I can only assume that a house-made batter is hand crafted on a daily basis just for the flavors at Crepeman Cafe. By the looks of how my order was prepared, crepes at this snack hub are perfectly cooked until the edges are a remarkable golden brown. The genius at every bite is the combination of the lightness in delicate taste and the folded goodness of the savory ingredients. My choice of flavor was definitely filling that it equals a heavy meal!

My friends ordered a Blueberry Crepe that was prepared with cream cheese, blueberry, crushed Graham Crackers and cream. They also sampled the so-called Porky's Bacon Crepe which had bacon, mayonnaise, cheese, lettuce, corn and pepper.

The sweet crepe category of flavors is good for desserts. I also assume that it can be as filling as the savory ones. To be sure, why not try it for yourself?

Special thanks to

Crepeman Cafe

Address: 1st Street corner San Rafael Street, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Philippines
Phone: 0922-888-5277 or (02) 435-6191

Other Branches:
- Congressional Ext. Quezon City
- Lilac St., Marikina City
- Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
- Regalado Ave., Fairview, Quezon City

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