Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2014
TOF Macho Burger



Don't you ever get tired of getting filled and feeling guilty about it?

With a glut of dining venues in Metro Manila offering one delicious treat after another, having the option to eat anything has become a luxury. The resulting urban sanctuary becomes the one gustatory destination that makes you guiltless to eat what you want and not mind what sticks on the hips forever. To culminate a craving in reckless abandon is the next best thing to having a long weekend.

A Blue Bay Walk Secret No More

At Blue Bay Walk in Pasay City near Mall of Asia, a strip of restaurants offers a potentially healthy lifestyle for picky eaters who refuse to hold out in life. Still seduced by the idea of being satisfied by the usual flavors of old-school hamburgers or traditional pasta, customers who watch what they eat can forget about the guilt at The Ostrich Farm (TOF).

Pasta Carbonara

Layers of Healthy Goodness

The Ostrich Farm is a new restaurant that serves the "big bird" meat that most of us adore to look at in pictures or at a zoo. Owned by a couple who really has an ostrich farm in Cotabato, Mindanao, TOF serves a mean hundred gram-patty of such bird meat that's topped with a so-called Joe Sauce of chili con (slightly spicy chili flakes) on a 5-inch bun with tomato, lettuce, cucumber, plus cheese sauce. Called a TOF Macho Burger, the treat was filling. I sampled one recently and paired the side order of fries with signature sauces (garlic mayo aioli and blue cheese).

A Meat Off With Pork, Chicken, and Beef

The experience was awesome as my lunch was both tasty and healthy. I learned that ostrich meat has less calories, fat, and cholesterol than pork or chicken. It may resemble the taste of beef, but it's a lot more sweet in taste as I've discovered for myself. I even got to sample ostrich meat as served in other inventive ways via conventional dishes like Pasta Carbonara and a comfort cuisine like Salpicao.

Ostrich Salpicao
Egg-Dressed Souvenir

At TOF, customers can also do more than dine on ostrich meat meals. They can also take home the animal's egg as a souvenir for a little more than P2,000. The egg is creatively dressed up with embellishments to make the fancy item more remarkable. Without the decoration, it only costs P250 a piece.

Event Booth

TOF also has a booth that customers can avail of based on a Pen Package (good for 60 persons for P12,000), Farm Package (good for 100 persons for P20,000) or Big Bird Package (good for 150 persons for P31,000). If the party venue has a 3 feet by 3 feet space for one and an electrical socket, then it's a go.

Take Away For Tune Hotel

I brought a few more of the goodies with me for take away to spread the foodie love around back at my hotel base in Tune Hotel-Aseana City that's just a 5-minute jeepney ride away from Blue Bay Walk where TOF is. Fortunately, even the staff of the hotel loved TOF!

Still too chicken to tear into an ostrich?

The next time you feel guilty about something, don't hold out just yet. There's always a work-around or an alternative.
It's the same thing with food.

The Ostrich Farm

Official website of The Ostrich Farm

Address: EDSA cor. Macapagal Boulevard, Blue Bay Walk, Pasay City, Philippines
Phone: +63-2-949-4335 or +63-906-226-1306 or +63-919-626-9526
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:00am - 11:00pm

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  1. The burgers look mouthwatering! But I'm not sure if I'm ready to try a big bird yet hehe... I guess I can try the egg first. How many persons do you think can share one? Thanks for sharing this :)

    1. The burger's good for just one person. Try it soon!

  2. Gusto ko dito kumain...special place to be.

    1. Yeah, truly a unique dining experience. It's not everyday we get to eat ostrich meat LOL


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