Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014
Linguini Fini




SM Megamall is no longer just the one-facet destination in the fringe of Mandaluyong City. As sure as its location has afforded it distinct access ways to people of different sensibilities -- from bargain shoppers to movie aficionados, techies and foodies, the amusement hub has at least something for everyone. Case in point: dining venues for discriminating taste buds.

Via the gustatory walk tour (a delicious sequel to the first one) led by food connoisseurs Anton Diaz (Our Awesome Planet) and RJ Ledesma (Mercato Centrale Group), I discovered less than 10 restaurants to sample at the hip Fashion Hall wing of the mall.

Cupcakes By Sonja
Tim Ho Wan
Cupcakes By Sonja

Here are nine ways to taste SM Megamall's Fashion Hall:

1) In The Mood For Ippudo
Crowned "Ramen King" Shigemi Kawahara is behind Ippudo since it was first established in 1985. It's famous abroad for its authentic Fukuoka-style tonkotsu ramen. For signature ramen like Akamaru Shinaji miso ramen, Karaka-Men tantanmen ramen, and Shiromaru Motoaji tonkotsu ramen, this is the place to gravitate to at the mall.

2) Tim Ho Wan Is It
This restaurant's legendary Pork Buns have lured long lines on a daily basis at SM Megamall and for a good reason. Waiting in line is also the best time to check out other delicious treats in Tim Ho Wan's selections.

3) Certainly Cupcakes By Sonja
Just when some food experts thought that cupcakes are just a snack to toss in one's mouth, Cupcakes By Sonja redefined the experience years ago. At the Fashion Hall of SM Megamall, kids and kids-at-heart can finally linger for hours adoring the colorful, handcrafted goodies.

4) Linguini Fini For The Win
Manila can finally taste the Hong Kong-based Linguini Fini at SM Megamall. Authentic to the taste, the organic flavors of the restaurant are made from fresh ingredients and traditionally prepared to appeal to Italian cuisine aficionados.

5) Rosanjin By All Means
A respected potter and calligrapher in Japan, Rosanjin Kitaoji's fame has since given birth to the restaurant with the same name -- Rosanjin. The dining venue, offering authentic Japanese flavors, is a good alternative to the pricey Japanese-oriented restaurants in neighboring cities.

Kool Kids Craft Ice Cream
Tim Ho Wan

6) Kool Kids Craft Ice Cream, Anyone?
Whip up your own ice cream flavor as you order and bet only on the best ingredients to use at Kool Kids Craft Ice Cream. Customized meal-enders or starters can finally be had at the mall.

More Meaningful Venues

Mall-goers can also try Eri Curry, a local Japanese curry restaurant by a Filipina chef whose passion for Japanese food is palpable in the venue's menu.

If you're after a different burger experience, going for Triple-O will be a good idea. A spin-off of the Canada-based White Spot Family Restaurant, the hamburger sauce brand is now in Manila.

Lastly, getting your mochi on is now possible at the Fashion Hall wing via Mochicream Cafe. The beloved Japanese snack is now a dessert cafe that specializes in matcha flavors and the spitcake Baumkuchen (a traditional European pastry).

SM Megamall's delicious Fashion Hall is now waiting for your turn to sample it in nine different ways!

Special thanks to Ton Roxas


  1. My favorite mall especially in terms of dining experiences! I look forward to your future blog post. Read mine too


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