Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014


R O X A S   C I T Y


Pueblo De Panay (PDP) is a progressive inner-city community that is more than just a sprawling property. In Roxas City, where it is nestled, the future is being claimed in the present by talented and reputable Capiznons or locals. Many things in daily living have changed for residents and having PDP as benchmark for improvements, the place is poised to have tomorrow’s leisure and gains realized today.

"I Love Capiz!" Blog Series Tour

Urban Manor Hotel is just one of the testaments to this forward-thinking sensibility that’s captivating Capiz these days. For my 4-day “I Love Capiz!” Blog Series Tour, I had the 2-storey boutique hotel as my base. From there, I had an amazing zipline experience of Talon Adventure Park in nearby Ayagao Beach. It was also my jump off point for my boat ride to Olotayan Island where, en route to Capiz Bay, I was bedazzled by a vanishing sandbar and charming islet. Interestingly, it also served as a reliable snooze hub for me after a memorable seafood degustation at the Baybay Beach-based Coco Veranda.

A nearby coffee destination from the hotel -- Cafe Terraza

Straightforward Design

Guests who prefer facilities that are wrapped in modern design can belong at Urban Manor Hotel the first few minutes upon check-in. The lobby may not have the impressive 5-star hotel-quality high ceiling, but it makes up for its lack of opulence with its simple and clean interior design where neutral colors are set against flamboyant pastels. The wall set at the landing of the stairs that lead to the rooms  upstairs showcase a mural of a waterfalls that seems to exude what one can experience in the city – simplicity of nature. Using intimate lighting, the slight change of approach becomes noticeable at the hallways of the hotel even before a guest can enter the room.

Superior Room Details

I was delighted to see that my booked double bed Superior Room was spacious which meant I could move around without unnecessarily bumping with my tagged along tour contributing photographer. The hotel has 21 fully-air conditioned rooms all in all.

As with all my stays, I peeked at the window to check if the view was amazing and it was. I could see the nearby green hillside of a part of Pueblo De Panay which was mesmerizing to the eyes. The next morning, it was to be the same view where I would see local students engaging in the city’s fun run event as the hotel is exactly along a well-structured boulevard that breaks into more access ways to the city and its neighboring municipalities. For that day, it catered to my personal needs as I was able to freshen up after a gustatory bout with the city’s seafood delights for lunch. That night, I had a restful sleep. The fixed glass windows allowed me to retire without having to contend with the noise of the hustle-and-bustle outside.

My Crispy Palad breakfast
Superior Room
Bangus for breakfast

It was when I woke up that I only got to notice the fancy corner room mural painting inside the room. It was cleverly painted next to the window and atop my share of the bedroom. With luminous hues of green and yellow, the work of art seems to float above my comfy bed’s headboard.

I also appreciated that the power socket was just next to the pillow at a distance that I would feel safe from any electricity-related accident and still have the convenience of charging my so-called travel essentials – mobile phone, digital camera, and music player.

The Lounge Restaurant and More

For my room accommodation-inclusive breakfast, I had the tasty Crispy Palad which I consider as the bacon of seafood in Roxas City. It was light in the mouth and crunchy to the bite. It had the right saltiness to it and it tasted wonderful with vinegar. I paired it with a simple glass of orange juice as my itinerary for the day was a test of strength – a boat ride to an island and a short beach-based zipline attraction. 

Called The Lounge Restaurant, Urban Manor Hotel's F&B outlet can seat a total of 40 persons. There's a function room that's complete with audio-visual equipment for special events. It's spacious for 150-180 guests. 

I love how close the hotel is from Robinson's Place Roxas where ACC Coffee & Crepe is. As a matter of fact, it's smack dab in the middle of Roxas City but it's tucked away in the homey township of Pueblo De Panay where one can even do bird-watching on a good season. 

Photography by Josua Chan and Karl Ace

Urban Manor Hotel

Official website of Urban Manor Hotel

Address: Pueblo de Panay, Lawaan, Roxas, Capiz, Philippines 5800
Phone: (+63)365-224018/ (+63)999-991-4600/ (+63)917-325-7368

More Photos Below:

My room view
The Lounge Restaurant


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