Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thursday, October 02, 2014

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Roxas City is no longer the full-on laid-back capital of the province of Capiz that it's known for. Modern facilities have been emerging in the area as inner-city communities from malls, hilltop function centers to trendy night spots. This is not to mean though that the city has lost its rustic charm. It is still where the best seafood can be had in the Philippines. And it shall remain that way for as long as it's romanced by the sea that tolerates its fervor for improvement and grit for dignity.

"I Love Capiz!" Blog Series Tour

A familiar pleasantness is present just a 15-minute drive away from the city plaza in Punta Libas. The usually calm shoreline that stretches into Capiz Bay is a cove where the 20-year old Capiz Bay Resort is, a side trip venue I had on the second day of my 4-day "I Love Capiz!" Blog Series Tour.

Tourism Awarded Resort

Owned by Roxas City resident and Civil Engineer Reuben Yap, the resort was awarded an accolade by the Department of Tourism in 1997 for being an attractive tourist spot in Region VI. The sprawling property doesn't impose upon its guests the modern sensibilities that some attractions in the city are embracing.

Abundance of Nature

My first few minutes at the resort were actually moments of tranquility. Trees were everywhere. The breeze was favorably calming. Mr. Yap was partially apologetic for not having maintained the property well after two decades but I was still mesmerized by the abundance of nature.

I was not in the mood to be impressed by well-manicured gardens that morning anyway. I resolved to rely on what my senses were telling me as appealing -- the provincial scenery. I particularly pictured myself pitching a tent at a good spot under one of the trees near the beach. I saw myself revisiting with a camp site in mind.

Budget Villas and The Fun of Fishing

Mr. Yap had me try the resort's popular activity. Soon after checking out the ideally located resort-edge villa that faces Capiz Bay via its porch and a few pond-view budget rooms (room rates range from P500 to P1,500 with AC and cable TV), he had me and my friend try fishing where cabanas dressed up as boats dot the property's brackish water fish pond. I did not catch any fish as the tide coming from the sea was high. Had I caught one, it was definitely something for lunch back at my Roxas President's Inn hotel base back at the city proper. Or it was going to be a hook-and-cook affair where I caught my loot.

Lucrative Prospects

I enjoyed more that stroll that I did along a muddy and grassy walkway that separates the fish pond from the beach front. The view of a nearby island was stunning. It's still part of the property but not being promoted as a feature of the resort. Over light snacks, I discussed with my host the prospect of having future guests try a boating service that will let them visit the island and its short shoreline of white sand. I also tossed in the idea of having campers rent tents.

The resort's dining pavilion can hold as many as 120 people for special functions.

I left Punta Libas after spending a few hours at Capiz Bay Resort but it sure felt like seconds only as time stood still and I crave to have more next time. The city is still where one can forget the future for the charm of the past.

Photography by Josua Chan and Karl Ace

Capiz Bay Resort

Address: Punta Libas Roxas City, Capiz Philippines 5800
Phone: +63 36-621-2856
Fax: +63 36-621-1016
Mobile: 0917-312-1896

"I Love Capiz!" Blog Series Tour
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Mr. Reuben Yap of Capiz Bay Resort


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