Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014
Seafood Marinara

E A S Y - P E A S Y


Italian cuisine, particularly pasta al pomodoro, is meant to be as light in the tummy as the way it is prepared -- with the basic pasta, tomatoes, olive oil and a slew of other fresh ingredients. This is to exude one's pace in life as easy-peasy but of a tasteful disposition. Nothing too heavy, especially the sauce. Every detail's just enough. And yet the whole shebang tastes awesome!

Authentic Italian With Twists

At a relatively new snack joint in Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Pomodoro Pizza offers a venue for a similar experience. Visible along the road near the first corner from San Rafael Street near the barangay entrance that's across Capitol Commons, the open-air concept eatery dares to appeal to lovers of authentic Italian cuisine. What's edgy about this one is that the selections are quite affordable compared to the usual pizzerias and some dishes are infused with Filipino flavors.

Aligue Pasta
Pizza Flavor Best-seller

Repeat customers could tell that the thin-crust pizza flavors are hand-made from Pomoro Pizza's specialty dough to the delectable tomato sauce. As a matter of fact, when I visited the place, owner Rameses Morales II recommended the Cheese and Garlic thin-crust pizza flavor which comes in 10" (P140+) and 12" (P170+) versions. According to him, it's a hit among Kapitolyo residents, visiting office workers, and even tourists who basically happened to Google the brand. Its combination of the signature Pomodoro sauce with mozzarella, cheddar, secret cheese and garlic make it a real unforgettable treat that's almost always good with a takeout.

How Pomodoro Came To Be

Rameses is a young and inspired businessman. He can still be considered fresh out of college. His passion for traveling with his girlfriend brought him face-to-face with a mysteriously rich and important tourist who became a source of good advice regarding developing his own source of income through business. Every year since after the encounter, he and his girlfriend have rendezvoused with the foreigner gentleman in exciting destinations. The result of his venture, Pomodoro Pizza, is testament to his thirst for life and his passion to share it with people.

Attractive Neighborhood Charm

A lot of foodies are actually taking heed. The fancy eatery is tucked at a residential space of Kapitolyo jsut a tad away from the long and winding West Capitol Drive. This means less noise, road pollution, and more trees for a breezy al fresco dining experience. Although the spot is quite small, the charm is in the neighborhood ambiance.

With owner Rameses Morales II
Pasta Treats

When I dined there with my parents for my dad's birthday, we ordered the Seafood Marinara (P130+) which was sautéed squid and shrimp that were deglazed with red wine. They were eventually simmered in the special Pomodoro sauce. We also sampled the interesting Aligue Pasta (P130+) which tasted salty and tangy. It was a plate of squids
sautéed in Aligue paste which was freshly sourced from Guagua in Pampanga. Topped with chopped tomatoes and cheese, it was a delightfully filling. We drowned everything with the Home Blend Iced Tea (P99 per pitcher).

Special Promo For October 25, 2014

For a very special promotion, Pomodoro Pizza is treating the first two customers to something great who will visit and dine at the restaurant at exactly 5:00pm today, October 25, 2014, Saturday! 

Promodoro Pizza

Address: 6G San Rafael corner Sta Rosa St., Kapitolyo, Pasig 1603
Operating Hours: 6:00am - 12:00am
Phone: 0927-589-4426

Delivery Hotlines
Outside Kapitolyo: 87878 or text 0917-638-7878 Delivery Website:
For Kapitolyo and nearby areas: Text 0927-589-4426

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The pizza oven


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