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S P O T   O F


C I T Y 

My first day in Roxas City in Capiz felt as nondescript as the overcast sky that morning. I couldn't tell if it was 9:00am or 4:00pm. Restlessness was palpable. I felt uneasy with the silent calm. There was nothing more dreadful to a getaway than a sinister pleasantry that one couldn't define. Could there be a storm brewing that failed to spot for me?

Saving Grace In Three Words

My saving grace that morning came in three words -- San Antonio Resort (SAR). I was delighted to have scheduled my breakfast and infinity pool time at the Baybay Beach-based facility because of the casual luxury that the place exuded. It was neither pretentious nor underrated. It was simply impressive for being where it is -- the laid-back side of Roxas City. The spot is a 10 to 15-minute drive or 3 kilometers away from the city proper, so it's quiet. No engine noise to drown except your stress over seafood delights and more.

Bangus or Milkfish

"I Love Capiz!" Blog Series Tour

I was on a 4-day blog series tour for Turista Trails' "I Love Capiz!" and the resort's 50-room-and-suite property by the beach seemed an attractive respite for me from my city life. Almost 7-hectares in well-manicured gardens, scenic man-made lagoon, trees and attractive accommodations, it offers a lot of activities to experience. From boating, dining at any of its five restaurant and bars, dipping and sunbathing at the infinity pool to reading a book with the view of everything, there is a lot to to enjoy at the resort. The beach is just across the resort lobby where some seafood-oriented restaurants are.

Combo of Danggit, Pusit or Squid, and Dilis or Anchovies
Constantly Evolving

Formerly named Casa Felisa Hotel in 2005, San Antonio Resort is owned and managed by the Ortiz family. It started as a bridal suite with a hall for special functions, plus fancy bowling lanes for bonding moments with loved ones. It has long transformed itself as a relaxing destination for tourists who want to spend an alternative getaway from nearby Boracay and neighboring cities. As a side trip, it's also starting to be a good jump off point to such locations.

Resort Overview

Contemporary design is evident in the resort's deluxe rooms, family rooms, suites, econo rooms and family suites. Relaxation is an important value at SAR that's why accommodations are spacious.

Since Roxas City is the seafood capital of the country, I had a seafood-oriented breakfast. I sampled the resort's so-called Pamahaw de Capiznon, a breakfast that comes in two sets. Set A is a combo of dried dilis or anchovies, the surprisingly not-too-salty homemade danggit or rabbitfish, and pusit or squid. Set B is a large serving of salt and freshwater bangus or milkfish.

The chef at the helm of the breakfast spectacle informed me that the difference with the milkfish served at SAR is that theirs is juicier and the belly is bigger compared to those served in Metro Manila. My serving actually was hauled from the fish pond within the resort. And since Visayans are traditionally known not to rely on soy sauce to enhance meals, a locally-made vinegar or sukang paombong was served.

After that interesting meal, I walked around the property to catch some fresh air. Soon, I found myself taking a dip at its infinity pool which offered me a splendid view of the lagoon.

Class AA Resort

San Antonio Resort is a certified AA resort by the Department of Tourism which means that it is in a suitable location that's away from unnecessary noise, atmospheric, and  marine pollution. It also entails that it has free parking for guests, has at least three recreational venues, conference, plus employee facilities. It's also conveniently located just 2 kilometers away from the Roxas City Airport (RXS). There is a 25-seat coaster and a van for group arrivals and individual guests.  Metered taxi cabs may also be hired at the airport.

Checking in at the resort

A Revisit In The Offing

As a discriminating resort guest, I actually appreciated the well-rounded services of San Antonio Resort which is why I'll soon make a revisit to try its massage service and other culinary offerings! Some simple things in life are not meant to be defined. You just experience them. Also, some, like SAR, are meant to be repeated.

Photography by Joshua Chan and Karl Ace

San Antonio Resort

Official website of San Antonio Resort

Address: Baybay Beach, Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines 5800
E-mail: info@thesanantonio
Phone: (+63) 36 621-6638/ (+63) 908 883-8736/ (+63) 927 656-3477

Manila Office
Email: san_antonioresort.
Phone: (+63) 2 696-9401/ (+63) 2 216-0615/ (+63) 917 326-3486

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