Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday, October 12, 2014

R O X A S   C I T Y



It's easy to move on and forget one's past in life. Wise men opine that trinkets collecting dust are as good as antiques in their heyday. For some people, the future is about abandoning what was and what could have been. At the heart of Roxas City stands a hospitality institution that neither moved on nor became oblivious. The old Spanish boutique-style hotel, however, keeps on moving forward with the sentiments of years gone by -- the nostalgia of Capiz, the province that nurtures it.

"I Love Capiz!" Blog Series Tour

I spent my first night in the city at the Roxas President's Inn and particularly booked myself at the Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. Suite. I was not expecting to find a museum for a hotel room but the witty room name was no more than passing fancy for a Filipino admirer of past presidents like me. Marcos, Sr., along with other leaders of my country, the Philippines, were born to do remarkable things after all. I was starting my 4-day getaway at the city called "I Love Capiz!" Blog Series Tour and the 15-room inn was witness to my first tour of a Visayas province.

Felt Like Home

Stepping into my booked suite made me feel pensive at first because of the intimate lighting to which I'm not accustomed. To my delight which changed my mood, I saw a pair of welcome bananas on top of the mini-refrigerator in lieu of the traditional welcome refreshments. I particularly adored how there were extra towels and pillows already inside the room's closet that I did not feel it necessary to remind myself the next day to request for those. I was home I supposed... at least for that night. The wooden flooring added to the charm of a luxury homestay.

A Nostalgia of Beauty and Governance

I felt under-dressed within the premises of the hotel where a huge intimidating chandelier was hanging at the lobby stairs. Everything was looking classic, including antique, relic, and memorabilia displays that adorn the hotel restaurant next to the lobby. The place was, after all, a former residence of one Carmen Dinglasan Consing who was a congresswoman for the 1st district of the province and a celebrated carnival queen to boot. Probably, one can liken her presence to that of Lucy Torres or Imelda Marcos who both dabble in public service and beautification.

City Center Location

There was no exciting view to be had inside the room because the charm of staying at Roxas President's Inn is being at the center of the hustle-and-bustle of the city. It's interestingly just a block away from the birthplace of former president Manuel Roxas after which the hotel was named. It's also a 3-minute walking distance from the city plaza where one can have a tranquil view of the 104-year old Roxas City Bridge (formerly called Capiz Bridge) where old folks in the past would stand to view crocodiles harass young ladies who did their laundry along the riverbanks. This is why most foreign tourists and diplomats prefer checking in at the hotel whenever they get the chance to do so. As a matter of fact, during my check-in, a foreigner guest was even desperately trying to convince the attending front desk officer for an extra room to no avail. My time of visit was normally an off-peak season but the place was still fully-booked.

Pride In Names

It was fun checking out the rest of the rooms at the inn to see whose name was used for which corner. At one side of the 3-storey building, I spotted a room dubbed simply as 2016 which is a suite-in-waiting for the revelation of the next president of the republic. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, hot and cold shower, and cable TV.

24-Hour Restaurant

Like any other city, some parts of Roxas were asleep by midnight and the hotel is fortunately located at an area where neighboring establishments would also close for the night. Hotel guests can order sumptuous seafood specialties like the Pinaputok na Pampano or the Capiz Chili Prawns from its 24-hour restaurant though. For breakfast, however, I tried the adobo and morcon plates because I was saving room for a seafood immersion by lunch time.

Leaving Roxas President's Inn after a relaxing overnight accommodation made me feel energized for the next 3 days of my Roxas City tour. I was confident that when I make a revisit of the place, it will still be there... poised to be relevant for decades to come.

Photography by Josua Chan and Karl Ace

H E L P F U L   L I N K 

Official website of Roxas President's Inn

Roxas President's Inn

Address: Corner of Rizal & Lopez Jaena St., Roxas City, Capiz 5800
Toll Free: 1-800-843-4343 loc.3349
Phone: (036) 6210-208
Fax: (036) 6211-040
Email: contact@roxas

With the Roxas City LGU Head and Edna Agustin, the inn's Hotel Manager 


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