Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday, September 20, 2014
Sizzling Balut
Pinaupong Saucy Na Manok


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Mandaluyong City is starting to become a hot spot for casual dining as its residential landscape is being transformed into lucrative commercial spaces every year. Never mind that some streets get flooded only after a short drizzle because when it rains, not all of the city gets submerged under puddles of rainwater anyway. The area consists of some high slopes where it's sound all year round to do business... like in the case of the resto-bar called Street Chef.

Street Chef is a Filipino-themed restaurant that serves inventive home-cooked dishes, street food-style. Patrons gather in droves come dinner time until the wee hours as the venue also offers beer, live band, and DJ performances along with occasional booty shake competitions among attractive female guests.

Adobo Sa Puti
Street Platter

The dining venue was an abandoned lot where an old house used to stand until a furniture businessman came in with a fellow restaurateur to spruce up the spot and turn it into a restaurant. With a little help from the design tandem of their friends, the garage-oriented Street Chef was born. The owners made sure to keep the place light to the eyes with the inclusion of 30 sets of bamboo next to the dining area.

For dinner, I visited Street Chef and got a sampling of its best selections starting with the vegetable starter Street Pinakbet and the appetizing Adobong Adidas. With beer around, the Ilocano favorite appetizer Dinakdakan was not that far. One such exotic version was served that was creamy all over.

I especially liked the sweet and savory sauce of Street Chef's Dinuguan although I think its meat servings needed attention to make it more tender. Also memorable was the Pinaupong Saucy Na Manok which tasted spectacular as it looked. It was far from being charred and it had the right saltiness to its flavor. With its hefty serving of sauce, it was definitely a good palate massage and was smooth on the tongue.

Two more dishes caught my attention -- the sizzling hot dish Balut and the next-to-intoxicating Adobo Sa Puti. Both had distinct flavors that were fantastic with beer or just steamed rice for a filling dinner.

There was also the Street Platter which is easily a banner dish at Street Chef for capturing the spirit of the place. The order was a plate of pork BBQ, teynga, and isaw or intestines of chicken and pork. Plates of seafood, namely the Crispy Buntot Ng Tuna and Rellenong Bangus, were also served but I failed to tear into them as I tried to save room for dessert.

Adobong Adidas
Crispy Buntot Ng Tuna
Leche De Mango

The resto bar made sure that it has at least one sweet number to give one's dinner, drinkfest or inuman an indulgent finish in the form of its Leche De Mango. The dessert consists of sublime layers of leche flan and mango slices.

One would think that Chief Cook Aldo Reyes always has fun in the kitchen with a panoply of inventive dishes. My dinner at Street Chef allowed me to share in his fun, making me have a deeper perspective of street food as a result.

Street Chef

Address: 880 San Rafael St., Mandaluyong City, Philippines

More Photos Below:

Rellenong Bangus


  1. You know, looking at all these yummy foods is making our tummies rumble! Hehehe!


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