Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

G O A T   M I L K

A N D 

S P E C I A L T Y 

C H E E S E 

Mother's milk is known to be the best natural source of nutrition for young kids from the moment that they are born. According to JSJ Goat Farm owners Jeffrey and Kathleen Lim, goat's milk is next to mother's milk in terms of nutritional value. As a matter of fact, they've exposed their children to having regular intake of goat's milk as early as when they were toddlers. They have two grown kids now and are in charge of one of Gerona, Tarlac's largest goat farms.

A Family Enterprise

The family enterprise started with Jeffrey doing goat shopping for a friend. The need was urgent and for a special occasion. In his frustration of finding a seller, he realised that there was a demand for goats that no one in Tarlac was serious in considering. A lot of homes with big yards do have at least a goat or two but no one was really seriously making a big living out of it.

Starting With Goats

Soon, his research work on goat farming led him to Mindanao to check out locally bred goats that he brought with him back home in Gerona. Unfortunately, with his lack of expertise that time, he made the mistake of buying old ones that were as good as dead. He charged the lesson to experience and eventually started anew with no more than 10 goats. Soon, he acquired purebred goats from Australia and the United States to upgrade the genes of his goats and improve his business. Next thing he knew, his farm was in full operation, utilizing most of his property's 10 hectares for the venture.

"I Love Tarlac!" Blog Series Tour

Visiting the farm in Gerona from Tarlac City for my blog's "I Love Tarlac!" Blog Series Tour was easy. Aboard a bus from the Plaza Luisita Center, we plied the McArthur Highway and got dropped off at the junction of Petron Gas Station, Total Gas Station and Max's Restaurant where we rode a tricycle that continued on the McArthur Highway and veered to a street to Barangay Caturay past a Flying V Gas Station. The short but winding road to the farm was filled with scenic sugarcane plantations owned by the Cojuangcos.

Breakfast Treats of Milk and Cheeses

We had a quick food-tasting of JSJ Goat Farm's various milk and specialty cheese products that included goat's milk and chocolate drink bottles. Sips of both the milk and cholocate drinks under the Aussie Goat Milk brand were refreshing and slightly sweet in taste. Both had just the right creaminess to be thirst-quenching.

I paired my drinks with bites of hot pandesal with soft, crumbly, and aromatic goat cheese that was soaked in extra virgin olive oil. I also tried the traditional kesong puti.

I even had a slice of pizza that used goat cheese as ingredient. The breakfast may not have been elaborate but it was real filling.

Goats For Meat Production

A member of the Goat and Sheep Producers Association of Tarlac (GASPAT), JSJ Goat Farm now has various goat breeds that include Boer, Anglo Nubian, and British Alpines. The business has also added the goat production for slaughter as service on top of modern goat-raising for breeding. This is chiefly because of the purebred goats that the farm has which are the ones that are good for meat production.

JSJ Goat Farm milk and cheese products can be found at the Centro Pasalubong De Tarlac, the lobby of Microtel Inn & Suites By Wyndham-Luisita, and at the grocery of SM City Tarlac.

Me with JSJ Goat Farm co-owner Jeffrey Lim

Photography by Josua Chan
and Karl Ace

JSJ Goat Farm

Address: Brgy Caturay Gerona, Tarlac Philippines
Email: JSJFarm@yahoo.com
Phone: 0918-9080-488, 0928-251-5888 or 0922-8181-488

Kathleen Lim at the Centro Pasalubong De Tarlac


  1. that mother goat looks abused. Whatever happend to her ear?

    1. The sheep with the ear wound got its wound from accidentally getting stuck in a plank of wood. The owners recalled that a farm worker had to pull it out of the accident it figured in but its wound has since healed and is now doing great.


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