Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday, September 28, 2014
Crispy Nacho-stlyle Jalapeno Cheddarella Cheese Rolls

M O M O - R I F F I C


Quezon City seems like the quadrangle of Metro Manila. Covering almost one-fourth of the NCR region, the city is almost six times the vastness of Makati City and exactly four times the expanse of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Visiting this part of Luzon is best done in so-called pocket destinations as selected attractions are best explored in cocooned communities. UP Diliman is one educational tour to be had here. One can also visit Eastwood City as an amusement center that's complete with a mall and strips of commercial and residential spaces. Located at the heart of this exciting spot is a dining comfort zone called Momo Cafe.

"I Love QC!" Blog Series Tour Part 2

Momo Cafe sits right next to the main mall entrance that faces the majestic Eastwood Central Park Lagoon where most visitors and residents casually linger before and after work or during break times. It's also the location of my featured Quezon City lunch for part 2 of my "I Love QC!" Blog Series tour of August, 2014.

Slow Roasted Herb US Roasted Beef Fingers

Cozy, Spirited, and Pleasurable

The Raintree Restaurant reflects the cozy, spirited, and pleasurable dining experience that the hospitality group is known for. Momo Cafe has been a favorite by young professionals and families that respond to its home-cooked-inspired dishes that effectively work on flavorful nostalgia. If it's comfort food that you adore, there's something for you at this Eastwood Mall-based restaurant.

Fun Cheese Rolls Starter

After checking out of my blog series tour accommodation base, Cacao Hotel, my lunch commenced with a so-called Fun Family Starter that's also a chef's favorite -- the Jalapeno Cheddarella Cheese Rolls. Served nacho-style, the rolls were crispy and were a good contrast to the the moist texture of the chili beef and beans. Dipped in sour cream, it was nice tasting. Dipped in the beloved Mexican salsa fresca, it was awesome.

Two More Chef's Favorites

I  had a couple more of chef's favorites that included a Jumbo Platter of Slow Roasted Herb Beef Fingers. This great-for-sharing dish used US roast beef. It was topped with light sauce or au jus which worked well with the beef. Devoid of the acridness of the garlic, the resulting sweetness of the confit blended well with the meat. I loved switching from the mashed potatoes, the onion rings to the sweet corn side dish to enhance the taste.

Italian-American Dish

The other chef favorite that I sampled was the Seafood Pesto Cream Linguine. Done in the Italian-American way or San Francisco-style, this pasta was served with fresh basil. It complemented well with the provided. sourdough toast.

Tearing into the Cheese Rolls

Milo and Mamon

For dessert, I had two pieces of soft sponge cake that were creatively stacked on a plate of Milo heaps. Crowned with whipped cream, the sweet ending was kid-friendly. Thank goodness I was in the mood for it that day. Momo Cafe calls this its Milo and Mamon MMMMmmmm Good! dessert... and for an obvious reason. Suddenly, I was six again!

With more than 60,000 businesses registered in Quezon City, Momo Cafe stands out as a comfort food dining destination where a visit is always worth a flavorful nostalgia.

H E L P F U L   L I N K

Official website of Momo Cafe

Momo Cafe

Address: G/F, Eastwood Mall, Brgy. Bagumbayan, Quezon City, Philippines
Phone: (02) 900-1006/ 900 1007
Operating Hours: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm daily

Delivery Details
They deliver in Eastwood within a 1lm radius with a minimum purchase of P300.
Hotlines: (02) 900-1006 and (02) 900-1007
Delivery Schedule: Monday - Friday, 11:00am to 10:00pm

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