Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday, September 19, 2014


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August 19 is when residents of Baler, Aurora celebrate its town friesta. It coincides with the birthday of the late Philippine President Manuel Luis Quezon, after whom the province was formerly named. It was in 1979, under President Ferdinand Marcos, Sr., when this northern part of Quezon Province attained its provincehood as Aurora which is the name of Quezon's wife.

Festive All Year-Round

The majestic Sierra Madre (mountain range) and the beautiful shoreline of the province facing the Pacific Ocean continue to keep Aurora as a gem to discover in the eastern part of Central Luzon. It's festive all year round when it comes to the tropical mood even during the rainy season as its capital, Baler, is famous for surfing. And the only upscale hotel-resort in town is Costa Pacifica.

Journey From Metro Manila

Accessible via a 5-hour JoyBus or private car from Metro Manila, Baler's Costa Pacifica is a captivating alternative to Baguio City and Vigan vacations. It stands out as both an adventure and relaxing destination for tourists who love the force of the mighty Pacific Ocean waves and the lure of the swank infinity pool. Come October 15, 2014, tourists can experience deplaning from 20-minute Skyjet Airline flights at the Dr. Juan Angara Airport (Baler Airport).

Upscale Destination

As with all my hotel-resorts stays, I always make sure to test the comfort level of staying inside my booked room and it entails long hours of tossing and turning on the bed, epic shower moments, and dedicated minutes to staring out the window to memorize the view.

With Costa Pacifica, I learned that the fluffy pillows are made of duck feathers, making the plushness remarkable. My overnight stay was of sweet dreams and restful sleep as I retired under the blankets like a baby.

The water pressure in the bathroom was strong and the toiletries served my personal hygiene needs very well. The complimentary shower gel smelled good on the skin during shower time and even hours after.

The Pacifica Premier room I stayed in with friends was facing the sea and the pool. It also had a terrace that's accessible via a ceiling-to-floor glass wall. With blinds, the ambiance was cozy inside. Without them, especially in the morning, the feel was refreshing as numerous coconut trees dot the beach front.

Memorable Indulgence

Equally memorable was my dinner and buffet breakfast (complimentary with my booked room) at Costa Pacifica's F&B outlet called Beach House. The modern interiors were cool to the eyes what with the use of the color blue for woven chairs. I learned from my friend that the ceiling fixture that serves as fancy lighting all over the restaurant and the lobby was once part of an art installation that formed a map of the Philippine archipelago. At the resort, pieces of it were scattered to be installed as ceiling design and accentuate the tropical and modern contemporary look of the place.

For dinner, my entourage had two wood-fired pizza flavors, one of which was the Baler Pizza which had longganisa and paco ferns. My breakfast had me taste reliable selections that included pancakes, waffles, corned beef, and bacon among others. I especially loved the inclusion of cold milk chocolate for drinks as I love to take sips of such flavored drink in the morning.

Relaxation and Adventure

For relaxation, I had a pleasurable time at the infinity pool area where the water was lukewarm both during the daytime and at night. Its smart location between the beachfront and the restaurant created a sense of grandeur while dipped in the pool.

Members of my entourage had an extra fun time renting bicycles with head gears for P150 per person. They had the chance to linger inside the resort premises and outside where the town plaza and museum are located.

During my visit of Costa Pacifica, the winds were light and offshore, a pre-Typhoon Mario weekday. Most of the surfers in the morning hied off to the beach at past 7:30am when it was recorded as high tide moment. By the time of my check-in, the tides were just a foot.

Summer Never Ends Promo

The festive mood in Baler is intensified this rainy season because Costa Pacifica has decided to extend the summer feel with its "Summer Never Ends" promo wherein room rates can be had for almost 50% off on 3-day-2-night-stays.

My stay at the hotel-resort was bedazzling in so many levels that I won't have a hard time deciding to revisit the place soon to experience more. Rain or shine, Costa Pacifica makes Baler worth a getaway from all the hustle-and-bustle of city life.

H E L P F U L   L I N K

Official website of Costa Pacifica

Costa Pacifica

Address: 080 Buton Street, Barangay Sabang, Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Phone: (02) 519-4249
Email: inquiry@ and reservations@

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  1. This makes me miss Baler even more!!! wahhhhh!!! It was a fun trip with you Karl and the rest of our friends! Until the next time! :)

    1. Yeah, I had fun, too. One of my best staycations ever! Loved the lukewarm infinity pool!

  2. What a lovely place! But staying here would probably just remain a dream for us since we can't afford staying here even for just one night. Hehehe!

    But the place is just WOW!

    1. Just wow, yeah. Exactly my sentiment! Costa Pacifica has an ongoing Summer-Never-Ends Promo that's almost 50% off on a 3-day-2-night-stay room rate (that's good for 3 people).


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