Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Sisig Triangles
Irish Cream On Coffee Rocks



A new chill out coffee nook in Mandaluyong City called Tipsy Beans (TB) is deliciously intoxicating. Its blend of drinks is based on the culture of Irish pubs that serve hot cocktails which is a conventional mix of whiskey and black coffee. The twist to Tipsy Beans' signature blends is that each flavor is served cold in a glass with brewed coffee-infused ice cubes.

Cold Concoction

Such one TB flavor is the Irish Cream which co-owner Alvin Gueco advised to drink in moderation initially. According to him, it was wise to wait for the ice cubes to necessarily melt so as to produce the creamier and smoother texture of the cream and brewed coffee combo. The glass of concoction was honestly unpretentious. It looked nowhere near great-tasting and the serving seemed to fall short of what's enough for a meal. However, it's not supposed to be confused with something that you drown a hefty meal with because it's designed to be a drink to last the night away. Or for some daytime guests, to linger in an afternoon delight until it's time to hit the road again. I surely discovered this reality during my visit of the cafe. The drink was potent. And, it's great-tasting.

Spicy Tuna Pesto
All-Time Favorite Adobo
Drunken Hungarian Sausage
Vootbeer Float

Cup of Civet

There's another drink that caught my attention at Tipsy Beans. Its version of the civet coffee or kopi luwak, a rare gourmet coffee beverage. Having sips of TB's Kopi Luwak was liquid bliss. It was actually my first cuppa that day and pairing it with the cafe's inventive Sisig Triangle (a clever attempt at a sisig empanada) jolted me a bit to be spontaneous. It was refreshingly aromatic and also went down well with my order of Chicken Pesto.

Liquid Dessert

There were other interesting drinks at TB. Among them was the Vootbeer Float. To quench my thirst after stuffing myself with the Spicy Tuna Pesto and the aptly called Drunken Hungarian Sausage (the sauce of which was infused with liquor), I had sips of the sweet-tasting Frozen Hot Chocolate, practically a liquid dessert.

Tasty Treats

The cafe has a panoply of more edible offerings. I was actually given the chance to sample TB's two versions of adobo -- the classic or all-time favorite and the other with cheese sauce on it. Each was served with a cup of rice. I also had a plate of fish fillet that was battered in beer and potato treats -- one in a set of wedges and another as nuggets.

A Great Start

Owned by the Gueco brothers who also came up with the catchy store name, Tipsy Beans can seat 30 to 35 people in a full day. It has also been the venue for a lot of special meetings and intimate gatherings for as low as P4,000 package rate. It opened early last year right across the California Garden Square near EDSA and currently has a second kiosk-style branch in Makati City's Lepanto Building, along Paseo de Roxas. With the success of their edible venture, a third branch is in the offing.

"Owned by the Gueco brothers who also came up with the catchy store name, Tipsy Beans can seat 30 to 35 people in a full day."

Beer Battered Fish Fillet
Co-owner Alvin Gueco
Potato Wedges

You can start your day late or in a tight fix. Who cares? As long as you can settle at a spot at a cafe like Tipsy Beans to lounge the rest of your God-forsaken day over various concoctions and nifty snacks, you will be alright. You can even manage to find bliss. I did.

Tipsy Beans

Address: 50 Domingo M. Guevara, Highway Hills Mandaluyong, Philippines
Phone: 0917-4188747/ 0922-8200082/ 621-3660
Email: tipsybeanscoffee@gmail.com
Hours of Operation:
Mondays to Saturdays- 10:00pm to 12:00am
Sundays - 1:00pm to 12:00am

More Photos Below:

Good Ol' Chicken Pesto
Kopi Luwak
Frozen Hot Chocolate


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