Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday, August 01, 2014

Armando's Best Pizza




There was a time in Pampanga, particularly in the '70s, when people from neighboring provinces would visit it for a delicious pizza. Known by many locals back then as King Pizza, the flat bread sensation appealed greatly to a lot of Pampangeños for its thin and crispy crust, plus its all-ground beef and cheese toppings. Named after its creator, Armando of Angeles City's Nepomuceno clan, it is now famously known as Aramando's Pizza and the venue for its showcase is the adaptively re-used ancestral house called Historic Camalig Restaurant.

An excerpt of Metro Angeles Food Tour 2014

Metro Angeles Food Tour 2014

As part of the Metro Angeles Food Tour 2014, dining at Historic Camalig was more than about tasting its best-selling pizza flavors. The Old World ambiance may initially look to be clashing with its menu but a discovery of the pizza best-sellers' ingredients fits the restaurant very well.

Marco's 3-Way Pizza

The Famous Armando's Pizza

The century old camalig (storehouse in English) is now home to Armando's Pizza. We were able to sample slices of its sweet sauce-infused Armando's Best, Marco's 3-Way, and Doy's Kapampangan pizza flavors. Generally tasting sweet, the secret sauce is traditionally cooked for hours.

Pizza Per Pie

Armando's Best is considered the star of the pizza lineup because it's only available in large-13" size due to its generous toppings of pepperoni, ground beef, green pepper and mushroom. Patrons love it because it's loaded with extra pepperoni, double ground beef, double green pepper, double mushroom and extra Canadian bacon. Its lesser appealing version but with its own unique charm is the All-The-Way flavor which visitors can order in small, medium, and large sizes. It only has pepperoni, ground beef, green pepper and mushroom for toppings. It attracts those who want less for more.

Doy's Kapampangan
I tried the next pizza order which looked hardcore in taste for having sun-dried tomatoes and kesong puti. The cheese was available in three Filipiniana flavors namely tuyo, tinapa, and classic chicken adobo.

I normally don't like salted duck egg with or on any bread so the next pizza order called Doy's Kapampangan did not taste that well for me. Although its Capampangan sausage was remarkably delicious as expected. It was complemented by toppings of onion and pickle relish.

Missed Opportunity

How I wished to have tasted the Onion Special pizza flavor that has generous toppings of, well, onion, plus beef, green pepper and extra cheese. Unfortunately, it was not in the medley of servings for lunch.

Sisig Pride

Our group was also served with Sizzling Pork Sisig and Deep-fried Chicken Wings. I found the pork sisig to be extra oily and with less extravagance in ingredients compared to the usual sisig served in Metro Manila but it had a balance in taste thanks to the hefty servings of chopped onions. All in all, it was still flavorful for me. There's no denying why Angeles City is the sisig capital of the Philippines as the term -- sisig -- was derived from a Capampangan word which means to snack on something sour. It was only as recent as in the mid-'70s when the delicacy was invented and caught on.

Fresh Kamias Drink

For drinks, I had the Kamias Shake which managed to awaken my senses in the middle of dining under dim lighting. It was served with a cute chocolate-flavored wafer stick biscuit to drown away the strong kamias taste. On my way to the dining venue, almost near the restaurant entrance, I spotted a kamias tree which was probably where the fruit was freshly picked.

The delicious lunch ended in less than 2 hours and I realised that food doesn't have to be as old as a dining venue for it to taste terrific and relevant.

H E L P F U L   L I N K S

Official website of Historic Camalig

Directions on how to get there

Historic Camalig Restaurant
Home of Armando's Pizza

Address: 292 Sto. Rosario Street, Angeles City Philippines
Phone: (045) 322 5641/ (045) 888 1077

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