Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday, August 08, 2014
Zing Wings

D I N I N G   O V E R


D I S H E S 

The 3-day Metro Angeles Food Tour 2014 that I participated in had me dining in various venues such as rustic, country home-style, and high-end. The last stop that my group of bloggers had was the restaurant and jazz pub called Cottage Kitchen Cafe (CKC). Located at a short distance from the city center of Angeles in Clarkfield, the 19-year old establishment celebrated its anniversary this month of August, 2014.

An excerpt of the Metro Angeles Food Tour 2014
Beloved Since 1995

Cottage Kitchen Cafe has managed to maintain its patrons over the years since it opened in 1995. Its customers are a mix of foreigners and locals with Angeles City being a popular destination for non-Filipinos. It recently developed itself to be the go-to place for authentic Southern dishes since its founder, the late James Henry "Jimbo" Sebree, was a retired US serviceman who hailed from Louisiana, U.S.A. The passionate cook turned out to be a dining aficionado of barbecue dishes. When you're looking for a restaurant to experience the taste of cooking in Cajun Creole style, CKC is the place to visit.

Chef's Salad
Cajun Fried Chicken with Dirty Rice

New and Improved

Proof of its popularity in the area is the restaurant being the recipient of TripAdvisor's certificate of excellence back in 2013. Under new management, CKC is aiming to keep patrons and invite more guests to try its exquisite dishes.

Cajun and Creole 101

Cajun and Creole cuisines are two similar but distinct cooking styles with the former being a robust influence of French and Southern dishes while the latter is of French, Caribbean, Spanish, and African in origin. An Onion Soup appetizer is reflective of the restaurant's Creole influence. Then there's Cajun. The so-called dirty rice is every way Cajun-style. It was served to us with a piece of Cajun Fried Chicken. Cooked in chili peppers, spices and deep-fried till golden and crunchy, it also came with mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies and dinner bread.

Shrimp Jambalaya
Another Cajun cuisine favorite that we had was the Shrimp Jambalaya, a traditional New Orleans rice dish cooked with veggies, succulent shrimps, mildly spiced sausages, Southern herbs and spices topped and mixed with rice. Other versions of this that you may encounter elsewhere come with oysters, chicken or ham. A serving of the Cajun Shrimp Salad for appetizer was also a reminder of how into Cajun cuisine the restaurant is.

Creole Onion Soup
The Original Baby Back Pork

Cajun Shrimp Salad

Appetizing Chicken and Potato Treats

For other appetizers, we had the chance to sample the tangy and spicy Zing Wings, plus the Deep-fried Potato Wedges that came with a special dip.

Heavyweight Favorites

The restaurant bestsellers were served next starting with The Original Baby Back Pork which is considered special for having lean pork loin ribs slowly charcoal-grilled and smoked to tenderness. It was coated with CKC's original BBQ sauce. The Blackened Catfish came next. A new intimidating dish called the Full Beef Slab was also a real treat.

Desserts Galore

We were also treated to a medley of wonderful pies a la mode starting with the Apple Pie. The Mango Cheesecake and Peach Cobbler came next. They were followed soon by the serving of my favorite slice of Pecan Pie. Customers can opt to order the pie slices without an ice cream scoop.

A Taste of International Cuisine

The ambiance at the restaurant is one of electrifying, engaging, and intimate. Guests are entertained to live music when it's available and, at the same time, they can occupy the draped seats for privacy that still lets them see the performers onstage.

The restaurant also serves an amazing myriad of Southern breakfast selections that come in fancy names such as The Granddaddy (country-cured ham), The Papa (top sirloin choice), Sharecropper (creamed pork sausage), Farm Hand (creamed beef), The Bubba (3-egg omelet with cheese, tomato, and onions) and Fluffy Pancakes (4 golden pancakes), among others.

Cottage Kitchen Cafe is certainly a must-visit in Pampanga where international cuisine exists in good taste with local cuisine.

Cottage Kitchen Cafe

Address: #582 Don Juico Avenue, Clarkview
Angeles City, Angeles City, Philippines
Phone: 0917-5748851 or (045) 893 2599
Operating Hours: 7:00am - 12:00am

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More Photos Below:

Blackened Catfish
Mango Cheesecake
Deep-fried Potato Wedges
Apple Pie
Peach Cobbler
Pecan Pie


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