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In preparation for my recent tour of six destinations in the province of Albay, I had a soothing massage at Soneva Organic Spa. It's also part of my "I Love QC!" Blog Series Tour. The wellness hub in Quezon City has its unique set of patrons that prefer its rustic-in-the-city feel.

Located in the middle of the busy commercial district of Tomas Morato, Soneva Organic Spa is frequented by a lot of celebrities since two giant television networks are just a short drive away. The bestselling massages are the Traditional Hilot with Banana Leaves, Hot Stone Massage, and the Soneva Signature Massage.

Balinese Herbal Detox

For my pre-Albay well-being, I got the Balinese Herbal Detox Massage, a full-body massage. It sounded complex the first time Receptionist Badeth informed me about what it is called but when she explained that heating pouches will be used in the massage, I got interested.

Consistent Quality Massages

Since I've been having a few facials and soothing massages lately as therapy after being hospitalized for a frontal sinusitis condition, I'm getting more experimental with the types of massage that I subject my body to. Some prefer to get the same specific service over and over again for peace of mind, but I prefer to try out other ways to relax myself. This has been my travel stop credo for the past six months and I'm glad that Soneva Organic Spa has been consistently great with its wellness service regardless of the type of massage I get.

Heating Pouches and Ginger-Flavored Tea

The Balinese Herbal Detox Massage is considered as a deep-tissue and holistic treatment in Indonesia and other Asian countries. It worked well with the use of herb-infused heating pouches that were available in woven form. They were simultaneously used to damp on my body's backside with one hand a pouch each. The heating action was careful and not relentless which got me more relaxed. The whole massage is usually for an hour but the therapist can extend it to 20 minutes more upon request. However, it will set you back a hundred pesos more.

For my post-massage relaxation time, I requested for a cup of hot ginger-flavored tea to awaken my senses as I still had to travel back home for an hour.

My only concern that day was almost slipping in the shower room. I just wished that the establishment provide rubber mats for customer safety.

H E L P F U L  L I N K S

Official website of Soneva Organic Spa
Soneva Spa Life Blog

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Soneva Organic Spa

Location: 4/F Forum Building, 270 Tomas Morato corner Scout Limbaga Street, Quezon City
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 1:00pm to 12:00am
Phone: (02) 926-6249


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