Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Passion Cones





I know that aviation, manufacturing, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies are what the Clark Freeport Zone is about. What I recently discovered during a trip to Pampanga with fellow travel bloggers for the Metro Angeles Food Tour 2014 was something else -- a delicious venue called La Rose Noire Philippines. A newly-built modern facility that houses multi-featured shops, catering to baked confections. Functioning as a bakery that showcases croissant creations (boulangerie) and other French pastries and sweets (pâtisserie), the place is also a confectionery or sweet shop (confiserie).

An excerpt of the Metro Angeles Food Tour 2014
Luxurious Creations

It was refreshing to find La Rose Noire Philippines to be just an hour away from Metro Manila where Starbucks and other legions of baked treat hubs are. An international supplier to China and other countries worldwide, the production center boasts of offering luxury confections that total to more than 500 products. Having started as a reputable enterprise in Hong Kong, it has now branched into serving retail and distribution outlets. It was founded by Swiss pastry chef, Gerard Dubois. He eventually produced books about his passion for the finest recipes (My Recent Journey 2003), cakes and desserts (Passion 2006), and high-end tart shells, cones and baskets (Crafted Passion 2011). Most of which were sweet pieces showcased during our visit.

VIP Croissant

Biting into the Danish Bread

Made Out of Passion

Delivering the good news of what the enterprise is was the company's representative for the day, Malaysia-based Brand Manager trainee (as of this writing), Dennis Khor who effortlessly described with passion the medley of fancy baked goodies from how they were prepared to the various elegant ways of serving them.

I can understand how most of La Rose Noire's products look luxurious against any black background. It's because they taste as good they look. Treated with remarkable affection like one would a jewelry, the baked treats are displayed in fancy but functional (almost ergonomic) designs. Some of the paper base designs come in attractive colors like silver and gold. The presentations only confirm the pedestal on which exquisite French classics are standing -- baked straight from a a traditional stone oven.

Brand Manager Dennis Khor
Of Curry-Flavored Cones, Croissants, and Coated Danish

A good result of La Rose Noire's expertise is the VIP Croissant that comes in straight, closed, and curved forms. Technically not considered a pastry, a croissant is a viennoiserie, a baked good that's made richer and sweeter in texture because of the inclusion of eggs, butter, milk, cream and sugar, making it close to being a pastry treat. However, when glazed over with sweets, it's as good as one already.

What I loved the most during the visit were the Passion Cone and Danish Bread. The Passion Cone comes in sweet and savory flavors but the single flavor that I loved the most was the one infused with curry which I tossed in my mouth with reckless abandon. Tasting it was like having a complete meal. All I needed was steamed rice! As for the sugar-coated Danish Bread, it was fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Dennis shared that it's made from wheat flour, 80% of which was from Canada and 20% from Australia. It went down well with a soothing cup of coffee during the food-tasting event.

More Showroom Specialties

The showroom also has 12 various flavors of muffins with vanilla being a special flavor. The crumble topping can be purchased separately. The displayed macaroons come in two sizes -- single flavor and double flavor -- and in layers comprised of the shell and filling. There were also round, rectangular, and mini-round Pastry Shells. The Tart Shells displayed were interestingly made of pure butter. They come in vanilla, chocolate, savory and sweet flavors.

Vegetarian Treat

I also sampled the colorful Vegetarian Quiche which tasted interesting in flavors that are available in pumpkin and blue cheese, forest mushroom, spinach and fiesta cheese, leek and onion, antipasti vegetables and tomato and mozzarella. It was filling even in its bite-sized form. Some of my co-participants did not like it probably because the treat deserves one's favorite cuppa to let it slide favorably.

Whether crafted by a machine or by hand, the confectionery creations appealed to me as made out of passion which is something that Gerard Dubois is primarily about.

What started as a simple brunch turned out to be a delicious discovery of baked classics.

H E L P F U L   L I N K

Official website of La Rose Noire Philippines

La Rose Noire Philippines
Address: Clark Freeport Zone, Mabalacat City, Philippines
Phone: +63 45 499 3010
Correspondence Address:
301-303 Corporation Square
8 Lam Lok Street
Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

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Watch This Short Clip of Brand Manager Dennis Khor Talking About La Rose Noire:

Me with a curry-flavored Passion Cone


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