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Tuesday, July 08, 2014




A travel stop scheduled in advance means that a special occasion is in the offing for me. Just this month, with my various travels piling up, I need to hie off to Pampanga for a wedding of a US-based friend. It turned out that he got charmed by a Filipina who's from that province. Such a date is special and will mean a lot of people celebrating the union. Feasting on food is about to happen.

Fortunately for me, I already had the chance to challenge myself with the chance to chew more than I could eat. I call it buffet-style dining. In the past, such term was used for the food display and to the furniture on which the variety of food was mounted. Even back then, people would drape the presentation with rich textiles and extend platforms with elaborate tiers of shelves. This sight is still something that food lovers see at modern day buffet-oriented restaurants.

Lavish In Many Ways

Along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City, a restaurant called The Buffet International Cuisine stands out from a landscape of similar giant establishments like the Ever Gotesco Mall, Diliman Prep School, Shopwise, the car showroom of Hyunda-Nissan, the Techno Hub and the church of Iglesia Ni Kristo. The zip code in the area seems to be of big sensibilities and large possibilities. There is definitely one of each kind in the location. The Buffet is one such example. Lavish in floor area and ceiling space, the establishment boasts of a hotel-like environment. Opulent dining is the restaurant's goal.

"I Love QC!" Blog Series Tour

I went to The Buffet International Cuisine one early evening with my dining cohort, Jherson Jaya of the travel blog Lonely Travelogue for my "I Love QC!" Blog Series Tour. The tour is supposed to showcase interesting places and activities in Quezon City and dining on food by demand seems to be one unique feature of the restaurant. Steaks, crepes, and a variety of pasta can be freshly prepared upon request.

Buffet Specialty

Able to accommodate 250-300 dining guests, the restaurant specializes in a vast spread of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Western and Filipino dishes with unlimited beverage. Unlike in other buffet-style hubs, this one does not charge for drinks separately. Pricing for it is included in the weekday packages (lunch and dinner for more than P500) and weekend-holiday packages (slightly more than P600).

Special Corner Spaces

I especially love the two corner dining areas of the restaurant which can be secured for intimate gatherings without totally leaving the buffet environment. Upon seeing the good view of the busy avenue outside, I instantly got the idea of hosting my travel blog's upcoming anniversary in one of those corner spaces. It's perfect for making a special occasion extra special.

Free Function Rooms

Should a guest want more than that, function rooms are available for free at the second floor under dining package rates categorized as Grand Ballroom (for more than 200 guests), Platinum (for more than 100 guests), Diamond (can sit 80 guests) and Conference Room (for business meetings).

This means that the use of the rooms won't set you back a cent. You only have to avail of a dining package per function room. The rates already include provision and set up of the sound system.

Steaks and Pastas By Demand

I had my plate of steak cooked for me medium-rare which is what most chefs recommend their patrons at hotel restaurants to request. My pasta plate was memorable in that I got to see how it was cooked as there is a section for such a spectacle that guests can see. I actually took a video of it with my digital camera.

Not A Secret Anymore

Dining at The Buffet International Cuisine certainly made a good impression on me. My friends and relatives in Quezon City sometimes bother to take on the heavy EDSA traffic just to dine at expensive buffet-style restaurants in neighboring cities. It is surprising that one such place exists just a few minutes from the Quezon City Circle. Having opened just last year and after undergoing a few changes in its food selection, the restaurant is relatively new in the industry.

Cooking The Pasta Video:

H E L P F U L   L I N K S

The official website of the restaurant.

My "I Love QC!" Blog Series Tour:
Sketching UP Diliman's Famous Oblation

The Buffet International Cuisine

Location: #41 Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines 1121
Email: reservations@thebuffet.com.ph
Phone: (02) 351 5536 or 352 4075 or +63 942 4847756

Note: Lunch ends at 2:30pm. Dinner starts at 6:30pm.

More Photos Below:

One of two stairs leading to the function rooms
Provision for cooking Shabu-shabu


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    1. I was also surprised to have known about it only recently since Ever Gotesco is the only establishment I know to be popular there.


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