Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday, July 27, 2014




It was a Low Pressure Area (LPA) that preceded Typhoon Glenda that destroyed my chance to have an island boat tour of Rapu-rapu Island. I was supposed to join a team of Tabaco Travel and Adven-tours and its guests to experience the gulf of Lagonoy in Albay. Unfortunately, bad weather made the seas tremble and the island boat tour got replaced with a city tour that culminated at Muller Beach Resort in Bacacay for an inland luau party.

"I Love Albay!" Blog Series Tour

I was in the second day of my "I Love Albay!" Blog Series Tour when I attended the luau party that was held for an advocacy group. The night was full of freshly-caught seafood, tasty barbecue, garlands in various colors, lit candles for ambiance and music. I even got the chance to sing the night away on a solo mic as clamored by revelers. To prepare for that moment, I had a bottle of San Mig Light.

Tasty Pinakro For Merienda

Hours before the party, we had a favorite Bicolano merienda snack called pinakro. It's kamoteng kahoy (cassava) that's boiled in coconut milk and cooked until tender. Sugar is normally used to sweeten the treat.

The resort had a decent beach front and was devoid of vehicular noise. I was able to have my wonderful afternoon nap which prepared me for the party that night.

Circle Dance

As a result of mild intoxication, I managed to lead the dancing crowd into a traditional circle dance to the tune of Domino by Katy Perry. I figured that since the frenzy was about the strengthening of a community, the gesture was an attempt to strengthen what the advocacy group was for -- helping people in Bicol. Soon, someone from the group sang a Bisacol (Bisaya-Bicol) version of Madonna's Crazy For You.

Golden Hour of Sunrise

There was not much to be had at the resort except the natural beauty of the Bacacay sunrise which I forced myself to wake up to at the golden hour. I eagerly timed my waiting period between 5:00am and 6:00am.

Remembering the Bacacay sunrise somehow reminds me of how resilient Albay is when it comes to dealing with typhoons. With the most recently one named Glenda, the province managed to easily bounce back after a few days although access to electric power had to wait a little longer than anticipated because a lot of damaged light posts couldn't be resurrected anymore. New ones were needed to be installed as replacement.

Photography by Josua Chan and Karl Ace

My tour of Bacacay was made possible by Tabaco Travel and Adven-tour.

For tour updates, contact Maria Anna Banadera at 0916-293-8743 or 0947-690-9098 or 0932-882-3771.

Check out the official Facebook fan page here.

With Maan Banadera of Tabaco Travel & Adven-tour

My "I Love Albay!" Blog Series Tour:

More Photos Below:

My Version of So Sick By Ne-yo For The Luau Party:


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