Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014
Duck Caldereta



Continuity in life is inevitable. Both good and bad things are bound to flow like tides that ebb at noon. Our ancestors can only impart what they have and then we're on our own to learn from them. Some of us learn to reinvent ourselves and take our folks with us for the journey.

The case is true of one small-town eatery in Barangay Bagong Ilog in Pasig City. If some people see legacy as a license to poison, some of us, especially the Arboleda couple, Boyet and Beth, see their love for duck caldereta as a chance to bond with their son, James, who is now a familyman himself.

Talong (Eggplant) with Bagoong

Lasting Flavor

Beth Arboleda recalled how her mom would tirelessly teach her how to cook the duck-oriented dish in such a way that it wouldn't come out as tasting like fish meat. This is because some people stay away from eating itik (duck) for the repugnant taste that stays on one's tongue. Boyet confidently opined that at their restaurant, Kalderetang Itik Ng Bagong Ilog (KINBI), the duck-oriented dish is cooked using a pugon (conventional furnace) which spells the difference.

Savory Novelty? 

At a corner across the Bagong Ilog village hall, the humble 2-storey eatery is testament to how small town charm is translated into infectious meals served without pretense and at an affordable price. With extra rice now costing more than P20 per cup in giant fast food joints, KINBI manages to still effortlessly sell the aromatic dish at no more than P60. No peddling whatsoever. Food lovers even cross city borders just to taste the family's source of pride. Local celebrities who have a penchant for neighborhood treats are known to travel from posh city enclaves to get to the eatery just to sample the savory itik.

Beef Tapa
A Legacy In Taste

The couple's son, James, also has unique selections incorporated in the menu but not on a daily basis. As a kid, he would bring some of the duck-oriented delicacy in school for classmates to taste. Sometimes he would invite them at home at the family dining table. I was able to visit once in grade school as we were classmates in Pasig Catholic College. Ours is a tale of continuity in that, after he left to study in another school, we met again as classmates in Fine Arts at the University of Santo Tomas.

Kalderetang Itik Ng Bagong Ilog offers other dishes for more options. The family serves traditional Filipino food such as beef tapa, dinuguan (pork blood stew), and talong (eggplant) with bagoong, among others.

Photography By John Cachola

Kalderetang Itik Ng Bagong Ilog

Location: Sgt. Pascua corner R. Valdes sts., Bagong Ilog, Pasig City

Store Hours: Monday-Saturday, 7:00am-9:00pm

Landmark: Across the city hall of Barangay Bagong Ilog

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More Photos:

Boyet and Beth Arboleda


  1. Tiiming sa malamig na panahon ito, Picture pa lang makaka extra rice ako. Nadaanan ko na ito pero di ko napasok. Try kong pasukin sa susunod. Nice post!

    1. I agree. Spread the word, ROLF! Thanks.

  2. One of these Arboledas was my former officemate & she's already proud of their Itik delicacy that time. Sabi nya mgddala sya sa office pero di na natuloy. Takot lang ako noon kasi ayaw ko ng "maanggong lasa". Hopefully this time matikman ko na ito 'pagnapunta ako ng Pasig :)


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