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The excitement is where the thick of the action is. During my "I Love Manila!" Blog Series Tour, I felt most excited with other bloggers and press people when we boarded the Jeepney Tours ride.

The fancy air conditioned jeepney plied a portion of the scenic 7.6-kilometer Roxas Boulevard, passing iconic establishments like the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), the American embassy or the Embassy of the United States Manila, and countless 5-star hotels that dot the landscape.

Hallway to the buffet dinner
A jeepney stop at Rizal Park

Boarding the air conditioned Jeepney Tours ride

Exciting Journey

Jeepney Tours is continuing what had been started years ago as a tourism effort for local and foreign tourists to appreciate in the city of Manila. Each participant of the tour is accommodated a seat inside the colorful 20-seater jeepney where a videoke screen is installed for everyone to see and use for singing songs as the trip commences from a designated meeting place to proceed to the historic walled district of Intramuros.

Choice of Amusement Brand

With WOW! Videoke as the tour's brand of amusement technology, the Jeepney Tours is easily transformed into a concert series in wheels once the vehicle is revved up and the first song is chosen by a passenger. There are two wireless microphones that people can pass around while they choose a song from a songbook. The WOW! Videoke brand was chosen by the organizer as its videoke programs showcase scenes in various Philippine tourist destinations, something that emulates the vision and purpose of the tour.

A passenger killing a local tune
Cultural Stops

Donning a traditional Filipino folk costume, the Jeepney Tours driver is an expert in driving the tour participants where sight-seeing matters the most. In our case, he made a stop in the middle of Roxas Boulevard, in front of the Rizal Park where national martyr Jose Rizal's bronze memorial monument is erected. We stopped for photo opportunities along the road and with the park as backdrop. This is something that tourists enjoy for a few minutes of stay as there are a lot of other places to visit in the capital city of Manila.

Savory Culmination

The ride culminated with a stop at Intramuros' popular heritage dining spot called Barbara's where I had a buffet plate of various Filipino culinary favorites. The desserts were remarkable and so was the salad. The dinner was accentuated with a cultural show where the restaurant's dancers pranced away to folk music with titles like La Jota Manileña, Sayaw Sa Bangko, and Binasuan performed live using stringed instruments by a band. The carinosa or Philippine dance that originated during the Spanish occupation, complemented well with the traditional Filipino dishes served at the venue. Valued at roughly P700, the cultural dinner capped the tour just right as a fitting celebration of Filipino heritage in Manila.

Remarkable Tourism Potential

The tour is something that's not only for foreign tourists to enjoy. Clearly, Filipino members of our entourage who are all based in Metro Manila had a blast inside the ride and at the dinner venue. This is also a promising experience for people visiting from the provinces.

Tour Pricing and Packages

The Jeepney Tours package will only set you back P6,000 for 3 hours of use. A charge of P2,000 for every succeeding hour is in place when the fun becomes non-stop.

The organizers of Jeepney Tours also came up with two packages for clients to choose from if they want to have more value for their money. The so-called Jeepney Cruise Party package has the jeepney ride inclusion but the highlight is the boarding on a Manila Bay Cruise where the party is extended to happen with live entertainment. It's also the venue for the buffet dinner. This costs P20,000 of unlimited fun for 20 people.The other package is called Jeepney Club Mwah Party where clients who are into clubbing or the night dance scene. It is especially designed to have the jeepney ride culminate at Club Mwah, the choice destination of attraction where Las Vegas-style performers entertain the passengers with a musical show featuring talented and beautiful gay artists. This costs P4,000 more than the Jeepney Cruise package for the same number of people. Both packages can be scheduled on weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), except on Sundays for the Jeepney Club Mwah Party.

H E L P F U L   L I N K

Website: www.JeepneyTours.com

Jeepney Tours Contact Details
Email: MoreFun@JeepneyTours.com
Hotline: (63-2) 994-6636
Mobile: 0927-4267497

More Photos Below:

Check out video excerpts of the Jeepney Tours below:

Cultural dance show at Barbara's Heritage Restaurant

Inside the air conditioned Jeepney Tours ride


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