Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Accessible Room accommodation


T H R E E - D A Y

H O T E L   B A S E

My recent Food Trip-Venture of Mandaluyong City's St. Nicholas Restaurant was successful because of its close proximity to my hotel base in Ortigas, Pasig City. Dining in a dreamlike setting over inventive Filipino dishes was divine, thanks to Tune Hotel-Ortigas. Access to my food-tasting event from the hotel location was roughly 20 minutes. I was fortunate that it was scheduled on a weekend when vehicular traffic was light.

Being at the center of a high-energy environment is just one facet of all Tune Hotels in the Philippines. What is considered as Asia's premier value hotel brand is more than its power showers, the five-star quality beds, clean environment and 24-hour security (with an elevator key-card security feature per guest to avoid strangers in hallways). It is always smack dab in the middle of a bustling district where it marks the skyline with a signature red color.

Ortigas Center view from the hotel
The Tune Hotel-Ortigas lobby with the Computer Station and LCD-TV with camera for selfies

My First Accessible Room

I've been to a lot of budget or value hotels but this was the first time I had to check into a so-called accessible room (accommodation for people with disability). I was recently hospitalized for a chronic case of sinusitis that almost required surgery. It was a blessing that the antibiotics that my doctor prescribed for me worked overtime and all I have to contend with after hospitalization are the side effects of the maintenance medicine -- lumpy lower limbs.

The 182-room hotel has four of its rooms designed for people with disability or those who have a hard time moving around in tight spaces. My booked 21-square meter room was very spacious for a budget-client like me but reasonably convenient as it allowed me to walk with ease from the sleeping area to the bathroom without hitting anything along the way or hurting myself with my unusual gait.

Pleasant Me-Time and Family Bonding

My hotel space motivated me to be less stressed out as the lapses of my current physical condition can sometimes become unpredictable. It let me reflect a few times during my stay that someday I shall be able to make jump shots at the beach or do high kicks for out-of-town photos again. I've always told myself that every traveler needs a break or a stop in between sojourns to immerse in other fulfilling activities such as restaurant-hopping and mall times with my family. And I did have a blast during my stay at Tune Hotel-Ortigas because my folks also checked in for the weekend. We finished off our Sunday night with a last full show screening of the latest Hollywood version of Godzilla at the SM Megamall which was just a 15-minute walk away from the hotel.

Hotel Accessibility From Numerous Points

Soon, we were supposed to rendezvous with a relative from Hong Kong but Metro Manila traffic did not spare us.

Fortunately for my uncle whom I booked at Tune Hotel-Makati for an overnight stay, he made it on time to his Asian Institute of Management (AIM) meeting one early morning near Ayala Avenue.

In this age of deluxe accommodation, hotel stays that are accessible to one's scheduled activities have the edge over those that are affordable but are tucked away in a residential wilderness where it's hard to hail a cab or go back from a tiring engagement.

My tocino breakfast outside the hotel

The Ortigas branch is accessible from the city proper of Pasig along Shaw Boulevard, from Mandaluyong City and Manila via the same boulevard, and from Quezon City and Makati City via EDSA.

Convenience of Access To Parking Space, Eateries, and Wi-fi

Tune Hotel-Ortigas also solves parking problems as it has a 3-level parking space for guests with wheels. Soon a burger joint will open at the Shaw Boulevard side of the establishment and guests no longer have to cross the road to grab some breakfast or lunch like I did during my stay. For quick snacks, though, two convenience stores are located at the Pearl Drive entrance (Mini-Stop) and near the Shaw Boulevard entrance (7-11), respectively. The hotel's Wi-fi was also reliable during my 3-day stay as I was able to read emails and send important messages to clients.

Selfie At The Lobby

What I consider as a fond memory at the hotel was when two of my Senator Bongbong Marcos, Jr. supporters accompanied me back from a group anniversary meeting at a nearby restaurant for 3-in-1 coffee. Before we proceeded to my room, we had a blast in using the big LCD TV-Camera at the lobby for taking selfies. It was cool that it allowed us to either send the resulting images to my email account or to be posted on the Red Planets Facebook account.

H E L P F U L   L I N K S

+ Tune Hotel-Ortigas Official Website

+ Dreamlike Dinner At St. Nicholas Restaurant

Tune Hotel - Ortigas
Lot 5, Block 4, Shaw Boulevard
Pasig City, Philippines

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  1. We will be staying here next week! :D Nice and clean :D

    1. So excited for you, Moonlit Ysay. I guess I'll be seeing your selfie on the Red Planets Facebook fan page soon then, huh? LOL

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