Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The NeoGenesis Treatment

T R A V E L    B R E A K 

Travel a lot. Relax a bit. That's my simple credo as a getaway blogger. No matter how I schedule my visits of Metro Manila attractions and provincial tourist spots in a seamless calendar, there will always be stops along the way. I'm human after all. And during travel stops, I make sure to amuse myself with comfort food and wellness activities.

Recently, I was hospitalized due to a frontal sinusitis condition which made it difficult for me to ingest both liquid and solid food. As a result, I lost a lot of weight and got dehydrated. It was more than a month of immediate treatment in my family doctor's clinic and at home. I stopped traveling to target destinations in the provinces and abandoned the need to look good for awhile.

Estan Cabigas tried Hilot

My Wellness Partner

I'm thankful to my's wellness partner, Soneva Spa, for letting me try its latest high-technology facial treatment called NeoGenesis. Without hesitation, I subjected myself to my first so-called 3-in-1 superfacial that promised me of exfoliation effects, infusion of essential revitalizing nutrients, and skin oxygenation.

Tea is served after each massage
NeoGenesis Treatment

The crucial and most beneficial part of the treatment was the contouring phase wherein the attending NeoGenesis specialist effortlessly brought back the decent shape of my jawline and cheekbone areas. With the help of the easy-handle nozzle, contouring those parts of my face was a cinch in 40 minutes. No more sagging skin. An aromatic herbal oil was used to make the scrubbing of the skin smooth while an exclusive refreshing NeoBright substance was applied on my face to whiten it and give it a distinct glow.

Spa For Sojourners

I have recommended going to a spa for travel stops to other travel bloggers and I'm glad that all of them appreciated the gesture. Photo journalist Estan Cabigas of was one satisfied spa guest among many. He tried Soneva Spa's traditional hilot with banana leaf massage. So did travel blogger Jherson Jaya of and online fashion mover Phylicia Marie Pineda of Popular travel blogger Mervin Marasigan of went for the more conservative massage called Jadestone.

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For more information about Soneva Organic Spa, call (632) 926-6249 or (632) 0917 4071129.

Thanks to and for the photo contributions.

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  1. Indeed, this is a great activity to relax. I think I need this badly. Pampatanggal stress :D
    Kaibril's Sweet Life - Delicious desserts

  2. Working from home and sitting on a chair for several hours, really takes a toll on both my lower back and shoulders. Thus, a good massage will help soothe my aching muscles. :) I would also love to try the NeoGenesis Superfacial. Looks really promising. :)

  3. I'm so stressed so I need to destress with an organic and healthy massage =D

  4. to beat the daily stress of commuting and busy day at work! haha :D

  5. It looks like I need this to destress Please pick me! :)


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