Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A   D I V I N E


I N   A   D E L U X E


It was inevitable for a sophisticated and modern urban enclave such as the Robinson’s Magnolia Residences to rise in New Manila where it's known for being the residence of the old rich. With the presence of Robinsons Magnolia Mall, hubs for fine dining, snacking out, and religious nutrition are now within reach by Quezon City residents, especially those residing within the neighbourhood of the Magnolia Town Center. It’s easy getting one’s tummy fulfilled at this side of the metro.

One establishment that serves South American-inspired dishes is Gaucho which I recently visited. The two-level dining place offers slow-roasted El Pozo de Fuego-style (roasting pit) meat with options for lamb, beef, and pork. I was amazed to know that the dining area opens into a tango dance floor on party nights.

Meat-loving Nation

The restaurant uses the Argentinean style of cooking called "a la Cruz." During my visit, I sampled its signature dishes like the succulent Cordero Entero ala Cruz (Australian-raised young lamb) and the flavourful Cochino ala Cruz (a native free-range suckling pig).
Paired with wine and chimchurri which is a sauce of herbs, garlic, and vinegar that compliments the taste of the meat), the lamb and pork meat tasted divine.

My late dinner felt extravagant but fulfilling. Why not? Argentina is known worldwide as a meat-loving nation and Gaucho's menu reflects this.

Apart from the "a la Cruz" roasts, the restaurant also offers US prime and choice steaks from the grill.

Walk Tour Glimpse

My dining experience was part of the City Food Picks walk tour led by food connoisseurs Anton Diaz (Our Awesome Planet) and RJ Ledesma (Mercato Centrale Group) for Robinsons Residences.

Enjoying Gaucho More Than Once

Thinking of owning a 36 to 43-square meter or 57 to 92-square meter condominium unit at the Quezon City-based development? Think of it less and instead go about it with more excitement as you will have the chance to have a pleasant lifestyle with all the tasty finds available next door at the Robinson’s Magnolia Mall.

Deluxe Address

What’s more, the luxe address is accessible to Greenhills (San Juan City), Makati City, Cubao (Quezon City) and the Ortigas Center in Mandaluyong City. Most importantly, the enviable location is near two top hospitals (St. Luke’s Medical Center and Cardinal Santos) and prestigious schools such as St. Paul University, Xavier School, Immaculate Concepcion Academy, Jubilee Christian Academy and La Salle Greenhills.

H E L P F U L   L I N K S 

Robinsons Residences Official Website

My Date With The Folks At Beantology

For more information, call Robinson’s Residences at 636-0888 or (0925) 333-3333. 

More Photos Below:

Anton Diaz (left) and RJ Ledesma (right)
The roasting pit

Read more about the City Food Picks walk tour of Robinson's Magnolia Mall soon:


  1. Loved Gaucho as well. Can't wait to go back for more! :)

    1. The roasting pit was sooo interesting.


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