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Wednesday, April 09, 2014
Eastwood City



F O O D   T R I P

Holed up with my family for staycation at the reliable Microtel Inn Suites By Wyndham, I juggled in my mind the food trip destinations that I was to visit one hot and humid weekday. Since the Acropolis-based hotel is conveniently located near Eastwood City, I simply walked across the E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue to reach the cocoon of high-end and affordable eateries in that Libis, Quezon City area.

Whenever I'm in Eastwood City and I'm hungry, I always make sure to cover the bases -- burgers and fries, a Filipino-oriented meal, and regional taste bud souvenirs. I was satisfied that I found them all again at the site after a year of my last visit.

A Stackers Burger Cafe favorite

Burger-Bound Monday

For burgers and fries, I prefer the 24/7 Stackers Burger Cafe my comfort fast food joint over the nearby McDonald's. If anything, the former's premium beef burger patties taste less like pills. There are a lot of burger flavor and shape choices (P100+), too, at Stackers Burger Cafe. Its most dependable product yet is its fries. Bites of those chunky potato strips always take me back to breaks I took during my night shift job years ago.

Checking Out The Mall

Stuffed and fulfilled, I headed over to the Eastwood City Mall where I always feel secure, especially nowadays with mall burglaries happening in the middle of the day. The jovial mood by the entrance with an ongoing outdoor food festival event and inside the mall made me more excited to check out the hallway stalls that offer mostly regional edible souvenirs. It was amazing to see that the establishment has a train ride system for kids in one of the mall's upper floors. To rest for a good couple of hours, I decided to watch the latest installment of the Captain America movie (P200+) at the Eastwood Cinema.

Kare-kareng Bagnet at Pino Resto Bar
Ordering pie at Pi Breakfast and Pies

A Tasty Trip To Teacher's Village

The next day after I checked out of the hotel, I headed to the much buzzed about Maginhawa Street of Quezon City in Teacher's Village where clusters of specialized restaurants and shops have recently emerged. Cajoled by my friend to take my taste bud for a spin in the area, I zeroed in on a pastry place and a Filipino-oriented eatery.

Pi-nally At Pi!

For my pastry craving, I tested Pi Breakfast and Pies. I arranged with its chef customizing my banana cream pie order two days before my visit and he obliged to my delight. I'm not easily impressed with cake flavors just because they're sweet-tasting. With my whole-size pie takeout (P500+), I played coy. Upon payment inside Pi's small but charming interiors, I stared at my order and did not expect anything wonderful, especially since I had the whip cream removed. Glazed over it was just artless cheese and nothing more. However, slices of that boxed beast at home later on would convince me to return to Pi for some more.

Inside Pino Resto Bar

My Pino Bagnet Lunch

Before going home, though, I did not necessarily have to trot a big distance for a meal since Pino Resto Bar, my target restaurant for lunch is right next to Pi Breakfast and Pies. I've encountered one too many times good reviews online about its kare-kareng bagnet (P200+). My order of its hefty slices of meat over a plate of viscous curry sauce was served with adobo rice. It was good for two people so I had the rest for takeout instead.

There are still plenty of food joints to cover in Quezon City, so this eat-out exercise is just the start for me.

My Reliable Microtel Stay

To continue my food trip diary of Quezon City, I'll make sure to choose Microtel By Wyndham-Acropolis again for its reliable location and dependable services. I especially loved that it has free newspapers for guests unlike in other hotels of its standard where I still had to arrange with the front desk for my morning daily. The hotel serves breakfast buffet courtesy of Tito Chef Culinary where I recently celebrated my birthday breakfast. The restaurant staff even served me a sweet slice of strawberry shortcake! I felt quite special.

H E L P F U L   L I N K S

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    1. It's really delicious. Will return to Pino Bar and Resto for it.

  2. Thank you Turista Trails for the resto suggestions. I'm in a Quezon City Hotel and I will try this.

  3. we can watch the chefs making orders inside. Food Truck Catering


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