Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday, April 03, 2014



I seldom go out of my way doing meetups with other travel enthusiasts. When there's a chance, I grab it, though. There was one time with Glenn Martinez and his son of the blog Traveler On Foot when we visited Wawa Dam in the province of Rizal. There were also countless of times when I did food trips with other bloggers, including Jherson Jaya of Lonely Travelogue and Roch Kirstin of

Fast-forward to my birthday month (March): I was inside Eastwood Cinema watching Captain America 2 when I suddenly felt the urge to pee. I normally turn my mobile phone off, so once inside the restroom to check if somebody texted me, I turned it on. Immediately, a call came through. On the other end of the line was Canadian backpacker, Denise Kowalski, a good friend of my Hong Kong-based uncle.

With Glenn Martinez and son

With food trip revelers Jherson and Rochkirstin

Denise in Africa (from her Facebook account)

Denise, according to my relative, had visited a lot of countries in the span of a few decades. Soon, when I met up with Denise herself I would learn that the total number of countries so far that she had been to is 188 and the age she started backpacking around the globe was at 18.

During her call, Denise just came out of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) aboard a taxi cab and bound for Makati City where she would stay with a National Capital Region-based Igorot friend of hers. We agreed to meet at the hotel restaurant where I was staying at that day for my birthday -- Microtel By Wyndham-Acropolis.

Denise in Albania (from her Facebook account)
"I look old!" exclaimed Denise while she squirmed on her seat.

I just showed her an image I took of her while we were waiting for her order of grilled prawns risotto. I shot back at her telling her that I prefer to describe her as "seasoned" instead.

Denise admitted to being a huge fan of seafood which is why she always manages to return to the Philippines for frequent visits. The night before our meetup, she was in Samal, Davao del Norte for a bit of Southern immersion. I learned that her plane fare privilege allow her 70% off in selected trips which is why she gets around a lot. On her own, even without the perks, she just surprises herself hopping from one plane or vehicle to another just to visit and revisit places and people. She's traveling for a cause which I hope to learn more about soon when we meet up again. For now, as of this writing, she had to hop back on a plane to Hong Kong to hobnob with my uncle.

My dessert order of the decadent banoffee pie at Tito Chef in Mircotel By Wyndham-Acropolis


  1. Lets do the meetups more often karl... hehe... I love that Wawa Dam huh....

    and about Denise. Wow just Wow! you are right she is a seasoned traveler/backpacker.

  2. Hey, as much as I love food tripping, I think I'm gonna love backpacking and traveling from one country to another on that 70% discount on fares! Haha. :)


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