Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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Metro Manila is evidently congested, what with the heavy vehicular traffic, mall-infested cities, and people that commute on a daily basis. This is why visiting Mandaluyong City's Greenfield District one humid afternoon was a breath of fresh air... literally!

I was fortunate to drop by the Greenfield District with its ongoing weekend market that started weeks ago. The commercial complex is designed with an open bermuda grass space at its center. The Edsa Central market in the same area is now a hub of restaurants and specialty stores that includes Starbucks. The rest of the stores such as Uncle Cheffy, Serinetea, and North Park are lined up surrounding the open space. The ground design made up for the cool breeze present in the area even with the lack of trees.

Bidding Time Over Lechon Macau At North Park

Since I arrived at lunch time, the weekend market was temporarily closed and my itch to hop per bazaar stall had to wait. I took my time at North Park and ended up tearing into one of the best tasting lechon macau in the metro. It was both crunchy and succulent unlike Hap Chan and Mann Hann's. My solo order (P200+) came with fried rice but I had the cook make it more simple by removing the egg.

My Liquid Fix At Serenitea

To wind down before I walk around the weekend market, I had a relaxing time seated in one of the outdoor chairs of Serenitea sipping a tea fix called YakulTea (P95). The Yakult-based cold drink flavor I opted for was green apple which not only tasted nice but also quenched my thirst. I was not in the mood to drink something sweet so the order served me right.

After an hour of waiting, some stalls opened and I was finally able to do my bazaar cruise. The most remarkable weekend market showcase for me that day was the organic-filled table of fruits, vegetables, and chicken by Solar Resources.



  1. Hi. We are having my grandson's Christening nearby Greenfields District on May 3 at North Park. Just asking if the bazaar will still be there by then. We are so amused by your blog. Thanks. Hope to have a wonderful time on that day.

    1. Last time I heard (from a bazaar participant) there's no end date for the weekend market there. The organizer keeps on extending the spectacle on a weekly basis since it started last March of this year. I guess, it's a good bet that it will still be there this early May.


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